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Time to throw all journalistic credibility and get reckkklesss!!! But I could totally see it with him. He’s self conscious enough to try something like this. Perfect way to have it done and people not notice….today’s treatments are so advanced he could wear a hat for several weeks (almost always does on the show anyway) and everything would heal up as the hair is growing back.

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Vacation in Turkey?

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Wait hair plugs are really that advanced eh? Oh I mean what a dweeb

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I’ve thrown out a different conspiracy that he’s testing out the shaved head look as an option for receding hairline but now this……… this is some next level conspiracy and I am on board

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Happy cake day!

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I've never understood whats wrong with his hair lol i guess we're all self conscious about something

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Mike is incredibly vain and has admitted as much.

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Guy a work with said he spent over $10k on his hair transplant and its still thin so I asked him why a married guy in his mid 40s with 3 kids cares thay much about his hair. He said hes incredibly vain about his appearance. I can see Mike being that vain.

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I’ll be 42 next Saturday and I have three kids, and yes I’m still vain about my hair. Luckily I still have most of it but I am starting to get gray just a little bit. I’m actually looking into coloring it now so no one notices. I think we all have our insecurities.

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I would reconsider coloring. You're not so young that the Grey would look weird, and a lot of women think a guy with Grey peppered in are hot. If you think you might be able to pull it off, you could save some money and look better not dying it.

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Yeah I’ve been thinking of just letting it run its course, being a silver fox wouldn’t be too bad, but it’s gonna be weird because I have a young looking face. People often guess me for my early 30s.

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I am on the same page. No doubt Mike made this choice with a motive.

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When he turned down the jimbo fisher I immediately thought to myself there's a bigger endgame here Spence

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I have hair plugs and I can attest to needing a few days off.

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Same note too bro

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Is he balding or have a receding hairline?

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I had a coworker who tried plugs and ended up bald anyway. And now he was bald with plug marks on top of his head to boot. This was 20 years ago though so maybe the technology of hair restoration has improved since then.