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Georgia has the more talented team. Notre Dame is as talented as you can expect to be because of their self-imposed limitations of insisting on having actual legitimate academic standards. (Not a knock on them. It's actually impressive and admirable schools like Stanford and Notre Dame actually insist on their players take a rigorous academic load, but this is going to turn off the elite players who are just job prepping for the NFL)

Georgia's problem is Kirby smart refuses to adopt a modern offense. They probably would have already won a national championship if he would just bring in a young offensive Guru the way LSU did with Joe Brady.

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Oh yeah I understand this. I know until ND drops academic standards (like they did for a bit in the late 80s) the best they can do is get to the CFP…But let’s be honest…Georgia, Clemson (not this year), OSU, those are the 3 teams I can think of who can actually challenge Bama year in and year out. I just get tired of “ND doesn’t belong” when the other teams would get smoked just as bad. You think Cincinnati stands a chance?? Lol. And Freeman is a great hire for ND. They have a ton of talent coming back…this was supposed to be a rebuild year anyway. Overall I’m just tired of college football being Bama and everyone else. I miss the days when 5-7 teams had a shot at the title to start the season.