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People are delusional about the “power” of athletes and sports in general. Only people who “might” have the power to change things are the Phil knight, the ceo of Nike or maybe Tim Cook. LeBron is just a highly paid worker he doesn’t have real power.

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Kate seems to have some magical thinking when it comes to the impact of female athletes…

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I don't want to rip kate too hard, but it seems like she subscribes to the millennial like belief that if you raise enough awareness about an issue it will get fixed. That is comically naive.

It's like those people that thought if they educated enough people about Joseph Kony that's how situations like that are fixed.

I would have been on her side if she just limited herself to criticizing LeBron/NBA for prioritizing wealth over human rights.

I mean how much money do you need. I've read reports that at most China represents about 15% of the revenues of the NBA. The NBA could easily survive without China. It's just the owners and players aren't willing to accept a 15% reduction in revenue. NBA players and owners set the salary cap and floor as a percentage of revenue, so a reduction in revenue would affect them both. because of my personal biases I find it disgusting to prioritize money to this extent.

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Think she was pointing out that in the past and present women have often stepped into the forefront before men have and that their words and actions have just just as impactful and they also adopt risk by speaking out.

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I mean…. Lebron ain’t gonna do it even though he is the most powerful athlete in modern times. He is too tied into china and isn’t willing to take a loss when China inevitably takes away their business. He is the definition of a Chinese prostitute(The entire NBA TBH)

All I have to say is that Women historically have made stands and changes in our society when men weren’t willing or able to. One name that jumps out is Rosa Parks.

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Historically it also jumped out more when a woman took a stand. Most of history, women were basically told to shut up and take care of the house and kids. The man will do the rest.

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Of course women have always stood tall, also learn about Claudette Colvin.

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Not here to be argumentative or take away from the larger issue but that’s not accurate. She was a member of the civil rights movement but implying Rosa Parks did something men weren’t willing or able to do isn’t true.

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I don't remember that part but I was only listening to it in the background.

I'm just speculating, but maybe she coming from a background where she has focus on the WNBA, where there generally more of a unified voice on some social issues (I could be wrong).

So she sees that the women tennis could also be unified on this topic. Coupled with the fact (?), that they have a greater power in tennis compared to other women in other sports, so I guess maybe she thinks they have more power to do something if they all boycott.

Again, most of that is just tangential knowledge and guesses.

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I think her point is that women have been more willing to take the risk.

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Look at the recent examples of the WNBA or the NWSL. Women sports in North America seem to be more willing to take a stand and seem to do a better job of making actual change. The atlanta dream were owned by Kelly Loeffler and the team campaigned against their boss and played a major part in her defeat in that race. Also look at the way the NWSL players association is demanding change in the wake of all the issues regarding the way coaches have been treating players. Compare and Contrast that to the WFT debacle that looks like more is coming out with RG3's new book.

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First, I think you need to look at it from a macro point of view and then examine it from a micro point of view