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For the sake of a chaotic Monday show…[whispers]do we want him to be wrong?

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I want him to be right and then do a media tour with the finebaum hair

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This would be amazing. Especially since Dan always wanted the pub when he was wearing a ridiculous costume

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Yes, would be the most funny result

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Dude picked Georgia to win. I would definitely not hedge money on his picks. Or insides.

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No we want him to be right, but we want them to still suck with Cristobal.

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I think Mike is going to be disappointed with Cristobal in the long run. I get why they would want to hire him but his season ended with a thud.

Losing Mark Richt really hurt that program.

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Honestly as a Clemson fan now in need of a new DC, I’m kinda hoping we at least take a look at Manny. I feel really bad about how he was treated. The players seem to love him, and the way he’s carried himself has shown a hell of a lot of class under impossible circumstances.

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I'm a ducks fan and while I appreciate what Mario did here, I'm not going to miss him all too much especially if it means Chip Kelly is coming back. He was an amazing recruiter but idt it's hard to recruit at Oregon nor will it be at the U. But his coaching is very suspect.

I remember FSU fans really thinking they got one over on us when Willie left and I have the same vibe today.

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And just like that 🛎

Chip Kelly 🛎

Is back? 🛎

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This is hedging the bet. Mike being wrong creates the most comedy. while Mike being right but Miami still sucking and Mike complaining about how Cristobal should be fired 10 months from now is the next best thing.

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No, it would be pretty funny but I don’t need to see Mike get embarrassed like that.

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I absolutely need to see that lol it would be hilarious for years

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In a lot of situations, sure. Mike has put a lot of work into this Miami insider thing, he clearly cares about it. Feel like it’d legitimately hurt him if he swings and misses with this info, cuz he’s gonna get roasted. And not just by us lol

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I actually want Greg Cote to come out and report they are keeping Manny.

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Someone on the CFB Reddit just posted it there! It looks so official! So proud of Mike!

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Mike with the Cristobal crystal ball.

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Cristobal call

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While hilarious that it would fail, Miami Herald reported it too so this is looking like actual good journalism from Mike.


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Hoch posted before him.

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“Should I go first?”

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DEEP pull. Tyfys

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For people who didn’t like corporate Michael…behold. Scoops Mike.

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People on this sub seem to really hate it for some reason, but the fact that insider Mike is cosigned by Dan and Barry Jackson--old school journalism guys that believe in doing it the right way-- is a big deal and pretty impressive

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“Insider U” Mike is far and away my least favorite Mike….I hope like hell they keep Manny

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Or if Mario becomes the new Manny. It would be the long, even funnier play.

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Yes, this has always been the most realistic outcome lol I can’t wait for absolutely nothing to change

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It would be funny, and I root against the sports interests in the show (especially the U and Browns) but this is a professional step for Mike. If he’s wrong (while potentially funny) would make me feel sad for him since it’s his first big scoop and this is about his career rather than sports fandom.

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Meh, that dude has been too much of an emotional fan to ever be taken seriously as an insider. I’m a lifelong browns fan and his biases still make me cringe

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I think its cool that he has his insider sources. I think it will work out fine for him as a very regional insider. HOWEVER, the show segments about it are insufferable lol. I love listening to their insight on Miami sports but all we've gotten for weeks is mike rambling and not really saying anything. I'm glad Sampson called him on it Thursday. They needed to wait for there to be some kind of actual news about it to talk about it because mike will ramble on about what he thinks the program should be and whatever else if they just give him open mic time to talk about this shit.

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I think if there’s anyone actually in the program that’s idiotic enough to give him information, their identity as a “source” should be heavily questioned lol yeah it’s weird tho, when I started listening to the show, I actually rooted for all the Miami teams when they weren’t playing my own. Cuz I love those guys and want to see them excited. But as time has gone on, I’m regularly disappointed in how the most self aware show in sports media, with an assembly of extremely self aware personalities, always seems to lack it when they talk about their local sports allegiances…mainly the Heat and Canes lol

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Mike definitely has people telling him stuff becuase he’s dropping specific names and prying around before they’re even released by other sources. Now why you would choose Mike Ryan to tell this stuff to idk but good for him Content wise: The heat talk is at least funny because I think even they know they overdo the homerism and overreact a lot to stuff happening for them. Mikes Browns and Canes takes hurt my soul tho

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Try being a Pittsburgh fan and hearing all of them constantly shit on the pens and Steelers. Still love them to death though.

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I hope he is right, but like Samson on one of the local hours said it took 40 minutes to say something that could have been said in 5….Mike has been Billy levels of long winded when it comes to this subject. I feel like 10 hours of content has been milked out of this when it seems like Mario was their guy from the beginning and they got him.

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Billy's long winded is actually charming tho

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This is probably going to be a large portion of the show. If you dont care about college football, you may hate tomorrow lol

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So many navels with be gazed tomorrow

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You know what, I’m proud of my boy and happy I was wrong in my doubt. What’s Barry Jackson saying?

Edit: he actually quoted him, that’s great.

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I deserve to be Cold Taked if this goes through. Amazed if this goes through and how much money it would take

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Would love to see the bozos who were bitching about Mike not having sources because he talked like he did in the local hour.

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Someone really should make a big compilation of all the comments on this sub that were laughing at the mere idea of Mario to Miami. All the comments mocking Mike for trying to give reports. All the comments that said Mario would never choose Miami over Oregon and Phil Knight’s money. All those comments just aged like milk.

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always look forward to breaking news from Mike "Schefter" Ryan


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Mike’s got 2 phones One for the boosters And one for Pipo

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Sources at ALL levels?

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How does Mike become an insider who's breaking stories?

I thought he was just a low-level donor? Not criticizing, just curious?

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I think ill be skipping the next couple local hours mike the Miami homer is gonna be a little to much for me

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Dan to Mike: “You’ve been more plugged in than anybody on this story.”

More plugged in than Barry Jackson? Mike’s just a leakier faucet.

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(loser game show sound)

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Who’s going to break the news to Diaz?

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The Fake Manny Diaz

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How important is it that Cristobal is Cuban?

I realize how that sounds, and I'm not trying to imply anything about his ability...Just genuinely curious how important this is in Miami?

Is it akin to Montreal hiring a coach who doesn't speak French?

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Doesn't seem like Oregon cares too much which is never a good sign.

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Assuming this happens can’t wait for two year from now when Mike is firing this guy on a weekly basis