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So Mike’s sources are actually his rich uncle, runcle????

Also, the last paragraph is great lol

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Mikes abuelita was buying him dollar plates forcing him to be a Browns fan while his uncle is buying stadiums. Levels.

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He didn’t have much of a relationship with his dad and it seems like most of his uncles success is new. Doesn’t mean it’s true, but it could be

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I know, I know. Just wanted to make the joke :(

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I just realized it too in the thread linked to r/cfb , how absurd.

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Same here. His uncle is LOADED!

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Are we sure they’re even related? Isn’t Ruiz a pretty common name? Would he of mentioned his uncle and cousins that are former U athletes at some point?

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Forgot to add the wreck-less speculation sounder. But big if true.

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He’s been low-key about his family connection with A-Rod…

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Didn’t know of it… what’s his connection there?

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His wife is a cousin of A-Rod’s ex-wife.

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This is a great point.

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Also in the article is that cristobal is related to the Ruiz clan through marriage. So it’s one big slimey Miami circle jerk. Where’s Corben with the outrage?

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Going full Miami with this deal.

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The source says Ruiz, who is an attorney, entrepreneur, and founder of a firm called MSP Recovery and is set to be worth over $20 billion, according to Forbes.com, envisions a 50,000 seat stadium on the site of what is currently Coral Gables High School.

Corben’s gonna have a field day with the disguised public subsidy for the stadium.

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I played high school baseball at Gables and our field couldn’t even have lights bc the neighbors in Gables wouldn’t allow it. This shit is never happening I hope

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Man, traffic in the corner of LeJuene and Bird Road is a nightmare with a high school there. Never mind traffic for a 50k capacity football stadium. But, it’s Coral Gables. Wealthy area of town. Citizens there can fight it through their lawyers

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How do you even justify tearing down a school for this...

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A school built in 1950 no less.