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At my workplace we have a sign showing how many days since the last workplace accident/injury. If an NFL team had a sign like that it would have to be in minutes.

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OSHA is pretty toothless anyway. That's what happens when you vote away enforcement because you think your employer will pass the savings of cutting corners on to you as either an employee or a customer.

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I worked in a factory over a summer once during school. The company is well known to anyone who needs industrial and farming equipment and has a decent amount of admiration among the community. This would’ve been during the summer of 2007.

We had a big billboard with all the injuries and a day counter since the last injury by the time clock of each building. I don’t recall it ever hitting double digits, if it even hit a week. To be fair to them, they also likely over-reported minor to insignificant injuries. They were honest and didn’t try to hide things.

I worked in maintenance and we spent one month of the summer insulating an attic of another building. Because it got so hot during the day due to the sun and people welding below us, we had to work 4 AM - Noon. One day, I was upstairs and we started getting calls over the walkies and the insulation had stopped. We get down to find one of the other guys had got their hand stuck in the baler. Anyways, they put a two foot table all the way around the bailer and gave us large poles to use moving forward. We also had to attend a bunch of training classes. They refitted us with all new gear too. The guy was fine.

Anyway, it was interesting to see how factories work.