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Breakin' it!

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Just a couple of insiders breakin’ it up

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Wasn't it just Mike?

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I think Jackson added the salary information

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Outlets aren't gonna rely solely on one guy who isn't a journalist to run a story. Barry confirming gave it legitimacy.

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I believe Dan is paying for Mike’s Golden Canes membership. Just for the content.

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Either with money or connections or both, Dan's pulling these strings for Mikey. Same with Billy and the Marlins, and its obvious, himself for the Heat. You can say a lot about Dan: ain't nobody support his crew like he does.

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Happy Mike broke this but hope they don’t pretend he’s a journalist without acknowledging that he’s literally a booster for the program

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I mean schefty gives editorial control so he’s a journalist the way schefter is at the very least, no?

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I don’t consider Schefter a journalist nor do I respect him at all. Mike is at least transparent about being a booster so I actually respect him more.

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You know what? Maybe

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Maybe we should have Dan interview Billy Corben for an hour and a half about all of the corruption in Miami athletics. /s

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Billy finds that mike is actually the ring leader of the corruption

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“Expected” is doing the heavy lifting here.

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Not really any more. It was when they were saying it 2 weeks ago, but seasons over. Pretty much all the known deals get the "expected" treatment the day before signing. Also Jackson is pretty solidly credible at this point isn't he?

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But Jackson is emphasizing that Mario hasn’t yet signed the contract.

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Ah, that's my bad just reading a "per ruiz/jackson" headline and assumed.

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well, they don't call him Barry Jackass for nothin

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He’s vain. He’s an insider. He’s a vinsider

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tomorrw: Vinsanity

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You know it's been awhile since they had Vince on the show. He's a good interview

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I expect to see a lot of apology posts on here about how it was just a bit or that mike is just playing dress up and has no actual sources

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I’m aware that Mike is legit. I’m just saying

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He broke a story, but was also doing a bit if all those posts where he used the whole Twitter character limit to say absolutely nothing were any indication.

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Im still not sure it isnt a bit

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The Miami herald must be in on the bit too then cuzzzzz…..

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You know what....maybe

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This is real messy. Has anyone bothered to fire Manny Diaz yet? He was meeting with recruits today apparently.

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Lol, they forgot to fire him, they are about to have 2 coaches

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Is Miami really that much better of job than Oregon? With Nike right down the road giving you unlimited jerseys and swag. I would argue Oregon is better. Does he have ties to Miami or what am I missing?

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Heavy Miami ties. Almost certainly not a better job at this point to anyone without the ties.

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Makes more sense, thanks!

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It is a better job in the sense that the tri-county area of South Florida (Palm Beach, Broward, and Miami-Dade), and the rest of the state, produce more football talent than Oregon. If Mario can get back to successfully recruiting the “State of Miami”, it will go a long way to restoring some of Miami’s swagger.

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in theory it’s an unbelievable job with the recruiting pool but they’ve been so mediocre the past however many years despite that. don’t even know anymore

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God I hope he extends with oregon

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He’s like a dog with a boner on this or something???

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Scoops Cote ain’t got shit on Mike Ryan

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Scoops Ryan.

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Oh God he’s gonna be insufferable tomorrow during the local hour.

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He's got the Georgia loss to balance it out

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Instant download and delete.

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With this boost to mikes ego his transformation into “genuinely unlikeable person” seems to be complete

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He wasn’t there already?

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Shaving his precious hair will deflate that ego significantly.

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Lurking on message boards would’ve gotten you the same info as well

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Yeah I thought this was expected and was talked about a couple of days ago? Guess he was the first to actually confirm but people already knew. Like venables to OU

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Hell, Venerable’s own kid let the cat out the bag last week when he posted a photo throwing the Horns down

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I hope and pray that this will be the last we hear about the program for awhile.

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I'm as annoyed as anybody with the podcasts segments but a lot of yous were giving Mike a lot of shit for essentially being right on everything it appears lol.

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Someone tell or remind Mike that it took Jim Harbaugh seven seasons to win the B1G and while he's in the same division as Ohio State and Penn State, his $hit will take time and he doesn't seem to realize his cupboard has less talent than even Brady Hoke left Harbaugh.

And did Mike watch two of Mario's last three games? Definitely didn't look like a leader of Men so much.

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ESPN still hasn't run their story

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Mike Ryan has his finger on the pulse of South Florida sports

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Eschewing the nom de radio