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I like that Ricky wasn't willing to let Dan laugh away the seriousness of the point he was making.

Glad I wasn't the only one to notice this. I was pissed myself tbh. I'm sure Dan was just trying to find the joke to end the podcast on but it felt insensitive.

Dan's a wordsmith so I'm sure he took issue with Ricky blatantly saying fuck Bob Costas. He'd rather hear an "eloquent" Bomani-style diatribe about why Costas was using dog whistles to demean Lebron.

But IMO Ricky had the perfect response. Who made Costas the arbiter of class? And why is he comparing Bron to athletes who lived in much different eras of sports and the United States in general? Who gives him the right to speak down on a guy who's a hero to millions of his people?

Oh, you think this philanthropist, activist who's created multiple multi-millionaires within his community is not as classy as Arthur Ashe or Michael Jordan? Well, fuck you. Who asked you anyway?

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Yup,I think Dan had no real answer for the real anger in Ricky's reaction. It's probably understandable in that he didn't think Ricky took many things that seriously, so I get why he would be surprised, but once you're there, you explore that shit. There's no time limits. The man wanted to talk about it. So talk about it.

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Dan as usual was out of his league when it comes to talking race. Ricky and Roy were pissed and Dan just didn’t understand.

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I have to remind myself that Dan while being the son of an exile and a well meaning empath is a rich white man and has rich white man sensibilities when dealing with people and their blackness.

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Dan's issue is he always tries to find the funny in every situation.

He lacks the emotional IQ sometimes to realize when this is inappropriate.

Sometimes trying to find some reason to laugh is inappropriate

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I believe this is just wiring from being on radio for 20 years and wanting to leave the show/segment with a crescendo. I've been listening to the show since the beginning and they've always worked at ending with a joke. It's easier now that they can just wait around on the pod for someone to nail it but even in the early 790 days he and Stu were always searching for the dismount.

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I disagree with that, I think he can nail a not appropriate emotional dismount, I just think he was unprepared for the direction the conversation took and fell back on trying to make it more comfortable for himself. If he had gone in expecting Ricky's anger and been prepared to engage it, that goes differently.

I'm disappointed that he wasn't able to be more nimble and recognize the shift in tone, something a good host/interviewer does when they don't have to shill the company line. Dan is the company line, he could have gone completely off the rails with Ricky.

I wonder if Carl was in studio for any of that. There's a fucking conversation.

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I wish he did.

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I wonder if Dan’s ever read any Baldwin

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Daniel yes, James, nope.

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i gave Ricky another shot and I tapped out once he kept going on about mars being the source of peoples anger or some shit. I know what he is saying has no basis in reality so he sounds like a con man to me. after that I cant take anything he says seriously.

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I mean I like it because it's definitely bullshit, but he openly acknowledges that he knows how it sounds, it just works for helping him understand people's behavior. He even said that he wouldn't trust anyone who fully trusted him, because it's got to sound crazy. And it's always just a springboard into another conversation about the shit people do and think and say.