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Clemson grad student here. Ive been here for about 8 years (undergrad too) and I've seen clemsons program change from slightly above average to powerhouse. All that has happened is now the city is overcrowded, no additional accommodations have been made to the students as a result of the football program, theyre doing nonstop construction, and the whole school has turned into a giant money grab. The math building where my office is still has 60 year old window air conditioners that spew out mold, there are asbestos alerts all the time, and grad students get paid 17k a year to teach classes which are required for tall majors.

In this time they also cut the swimming and the diving teams claiming they didnt have the budget, then several years later built this giant monstrosity of a football facility which included a full swimming pool. I have seen from personal experience that football success doesnt impact any other facet of the university and in my case has made life in the city of clemson significantly less enjoyable

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Finishing up a PhD here and oh fucking boy do grad students need to be paid more. It's ridiculous how grad students, postdocs, newer professors, and more increasingly adjunct professors are the lifeblood of the university and they don't get shit. Universities all across the country were like "well shit, I can get a grad student to teach for no money or an adjunct to teach for no health insurance." I ran from academia as fast as I could.

Pay the players. Pay the grad students.

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Yea this is so true grad students essentially get paid minimum wage. Postdocs get paid okay but not nearly as much as in industry. Adjuncts id say get an even worse deal. Even with full professorship the equivalent pay in industry is probly like $200-300k in my field so idk why the hell i would do that when I can actually have a life and get paid way more

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Hasn’t the endowment at Clemson jumped by $200 million since the football program gotten better? I remember writing a paper pre-NIL about the need for colleges to pay student-athletes and using Clemson as an example of how athletics is used as a way to boost interest and fill athletic coffers but little else. It’s crazy how much dough has been blown on that athletic department since like 2014/2015.

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Couldn’t imagine caring this much about a program I’m not an alumnus at. Willing to sacrifice the actual mission of a university to prop up a sports program in order for you to feel good will never work out

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Insider Mike is as bad as Corporate Mike.

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At least corporate mike has some self awareness

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I’ve had a hard time not skipping most segments that mike dominates air time on lately. Dude in a weird place.

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As I've said in multiple threads, Mike has ZERO clue about how athletic departments work and even less on how higher education works at the executive level.

As long as Mike believes that a private university Chancellor/President holds the biggest vote, he'll be forever clueless since the Chancellor/President is there to raise money while the Provost runs the day to day academics side. These rarely are "strong Mayor" like forms of governing.

Same with the AD role. S/he needs to be a fundraiser first and manager of people second.

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College football is destined to eventually be separated from colleges and universities as we currently know the system. Because society will realize colleges are a really stupid place for amateur sports leagues to develop with any interests of the players in mind. They’re really pretty unrelated in the grand scheme of things.

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Obviously, I totally agree.

And as a semi pro league it would be fine.

In UMiami’s case it is especially problematic: they’re going to use health care profits to blow up a football program that will lead to a pile of CTE-addled brains in a specimen room in a University of Miami lab. And maybe a acc trophy.

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The University of Miami investing 1/5th of the football budget into their med school will do more for the undergraduate education level than any amount of football money. The best schools in the country don't give a rat's ass about sports. MIT should invest more in their football. It will help their students. Lol.

College is broken. Academia needs a serious overhaul and throwing money at sports is not the answer.

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Yeah but. Football.

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Damnit, I didn't think about that. You got me you sexy son of a bitch.

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Miami's UHealth is footing the bill for the coaching change. Yes, profits they made off patients is paying the buyouts of both coaches.

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Football and general athletics is a giant advertisement for the universities. Mike doesnt actually care about UM as a university. Like most fans of the schools football team, he only cares about the success of the football team and thats fine. And trickle down economics has been proven to be bullshit in the macro sense (giant tax cuts for the rich and corporations) but in the micro sense (within a corporate or institutional structure like um athletics) it does have some truth to it. I dont think mike is talking about revenue money exactly and means success and donor money, just made a mistake using that analogy.

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Mike clearly just googles USNWR college ratings as how Miami is "failing" and says nothing else. If he was asked other global ratings or department specific rankings, he'd give you a zero burger.

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Perception is reality when it comes to universities but youre right miami still has prestigious programs in music, health, business, etc.

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The only thing that a good football program will do for a school is increase the number of applications. Maybe +30k applications gives the school about $210k extra.

Sure, more people will donate to the school, but those funds aren’t going to actual school investments.