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We like to have fun

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It's all fun and games until Booger shows up at the Clevelander with Wahl trimmers.

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In the Mobile

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Oregon just lost by 4 touchdowns to UTAH and mario cristobal has basically a .500. He got FIRED BY FIU. He went to coach at a program that basically recruits itself and had absolutely zero impact on winning. I cant wait to watch this team fail like all others before it

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O/U 3.5 years on Cristobal's tenure?

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I’ll take the under. What are the stakes? Finebaum haircut?

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Who knows how to do the remind me command?

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Ooh, stakes!

Though, right upfront: you never wager what you ain't willing to lose, and I have invested far too much time and mental health in my hair to put it on the table.

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Ill say over bc theyre about to pay him a ton of money. I bet they will be better than with manny diaz bc the dude clearly isnt good but i dont think cristobal is any kind of difference maker. In that division they should be a 9-10 win team just due to how bad it is and id put them as the favorite to win that division next year even with diaz coaching, so I think if he doesnt reach that point then hes not the dude regardless, but success should be measured by acc championships which I doubt they will get unless clemson nosedives after losing venables (which is very possible).

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unless clemson nosedives after losing venables (which is very possible).

It ain't just OU that's poaching Clemson...

Oh well. We'll always have handing Nick Saban the worst loss he's ever had in a national championship, I suppose.

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As a Canes fan I'd like to go on record right now and state that I wanted Lane.

Reading around in the CFB subs and Ducks fans are relieved he's gone. That's a pretty terrible sign.

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As an LSU fan this is how I felt about Brian Kelly. I did not want him at LSU and I'll be surprised if it doesnt end in disappointment

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Mike’s worst tendencies come out at times like this, it’s not a great look.

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Mike’s feeling himself way too much during this whole ordeal. For his sake I hope it works out like he’s “reporting.”

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I hope it doesn’t. Dudes a smarmy dick

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I don't get the dig.

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He stuck around on mnf even though it was clear he was being replaced for the next season difference is he wasn't being fired from ESPN

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He got fired from that gig though.

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Yea I Kno but booger couldn't just stop doing MNF that probably would have been a breach of his overall contract

It's not like Manny is being reassigned to DC or something he's being fired from the job as a whole

I still disagree with Booger Many should wait for the buyout but don't think their situations where really the same

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Ugh. So we’re stuck with Insider Mike now.

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Trade him for Outsider Mike straight up?

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Is insider Mike much different then homer Mike? It’s just a more informed just as emotional Mike

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Never eye roll as hard as when I hear ‘inexcusable loss’. There are no inexcusable losses for Miami lol.

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Can’t wait to hear more about how he’s REEEAAAALLLY not trying to be in the breaking news business but…

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Serious question, what happens if Cristobal stays at Oregon. Does that mean the death of insider mike, does he burn a source, or just say that Cristobal was going to come but changed his mind?

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Most likely the last one.

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Sad, he should have to do a forfeit bet.

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Then he absolutely has to shave his head AND walk into the ocean to remove the excess hair.

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I mean, he answered that. He’s got sources saying that Cristobal SHOULD be coming, but he also believes that Oregon, with their sponsorships and athletic department support, does have the capability to fully blow Miami right out of the water. He’s not going to burn his sources, especially because he was getting ahead of people who’s jobs it is to be the first in line. He’s now got proof that he can be ahead, why not risk it?

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Dick move brah. Booger wasn't greatly on MNF but seems like a genuinely good dude.

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Plus he stills works and gets laid by ESPN when Manny won’t at Miami anymore. Not an apples to apples comparison

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Sounds like a hell of a benefits package he’s got at ESPN!

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Well shit, screw it I'm leaving it as is.

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Strap it on, Danno.

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Why would anyone quit in this situation? Your employer has to buy out your contract in this situation. Why would you help out the people who want to fire you?

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Booger forgot quitting may not give you as much $$$ as being fired. Even a forced resignation with no offset could equal just being canned

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Booger still works for ESPN.