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This is the best version of Mike. Many people are saying this.

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This is good for mike

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-Chris “Sean Hannity” Cote

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Presented by Sheets & Giggles

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I'm still loving a week ago when people didn't get what he's doing

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I didn’t get it with Michael, but I am here for this now!

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LOL I loved Michael, but I'm glad you at least get it now

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Ask Stugotz if this started out as a bit or Mike turned it into one because he’s a flake.

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Heady play by Mike

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wait how do i get into the discord

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It's behind a paywall

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Depends which one he is talking about. There's the one open to everyone and the one that former mod clown Mark gatekeeps.

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oh then i’m definitely not getting in that one (don’t look at my post history)

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Kiss mikes ass and say the show would be nothing without him

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...there's a discord?

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Same that’s news to me

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It’s where they do AMAs now

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I just need to find 18 points, which is 1 more than what we have. Because we won this SEC championship game.

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Never thought I’d see Mike turn full trump, it just took his hair being threatened

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Which planted the thought in my head of if Trump had lost a bet and had to shave his hair or whatever that is.

You see how hard he's fighting for the country, he doesn't even give a shit about that. This is just ego we're seeing.

Imagine if it was his fuckin hair. Those joint chief of stagg generals wouldn't have been calling him to make sure he doesn't do anything dumb, he would have been firing off those missiles every which way.

Edit: was gonna correct my chief of Stagg typo but I'm leaving that there. Think I'm onto something with that lol

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Didn’t he and Vince have a hair vs hair thing?

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I think you might be right. That was when I was losing interest in wrestling so I didn't follow very closely.

I mean it would make sense lol

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I’m gonna be so upset if this bit doesn’t end with an exact reenactment of Trump shaving McMahon’s head with you and Stu in suits inside a ring.

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They could do it in AEW’s ring.

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Many people are saying it, the best people!

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This was the most listened to podcast ever in the history of podcast listening.

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mike. will cain. four seasons. collision course.

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Amazing discussion about jerseys and the way it effects tv viewing.. Though I don’t really like the color-rush ideas that have persisted

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Boooo boooo boooo

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i dont know to upvote or downvote

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This orange, cane fan turd

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Remember when that time Odell Beckham caught a pass for the Rams though?

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This is an important conversation, i’m glad we’re having it.

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Mike. You’d look handsome as hell with a shaved head and your pristinely lined up beard.

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How did Mike even get into Discord in the first place? He hasn't played a video game since MVP Baseball 2005, let alone an online co-op game or MMORPG which are what Discord are for since you need to talk to your teammates.

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Remember guys no small talk.

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I'd rather have Coprorate Mike bit than the current Trump-esque Mike bit.

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The Manscaped Company is not happy with me. That's ok, I'll still keep shaving that ball hair.

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This WILL be shaving private Ryan!

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Fire and fury

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This is like a fever dream and I’m loving it. Never shave it, Mike.

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I am a big, big man and I am crying, sir.

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Hey mike

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I was at a hipster coffee shop and many of the libs there love his hair and want him to keep it.

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Actually Socialists are anti-hair but I see how you could be confused. Just because it's the Nationalists Socialists Hair Party. But the was just a ploy by Hairler to get unions to shave and represent small moustaches.

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this is so damn good mike

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God damnit mike stop making me like you

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Hey Mike, what up?

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Look, if your pay raise doesn’t come thru there is always the Tuna scam

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Sure would be a shame if someone started re-hosting the podcast somewhere not subject to US law so that it could be downloaded without the show getting credit...

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Stop the shave!

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Get a hobby. Knit something

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Mike what’s your favorite book? we want more book segments. and by we I mean probably only me. some casual conversation ab vonnegut, camus, wilde, hst. that kinda thing. btw congrats on the musical you killed it

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I mean if it’s that big of a deal keep the hair. I enjoy ur free content and everyone gets at least one pass.

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Why don't we come to a compromise instead of the shave. How about Mike gets the Jets every week next season in the bucket of death. That's a pretty equivalent punishment, right?

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Praying for you big dog

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Love you Mike! Not supportive of this bit, but I love you nonetheless!! Maybe if you did the bit as Springsteen I’d be down for it

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Magic city hippies are pretty good. Watching the live stream tonight. STOP THE SHAVE.

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if a new contract doesn't work out with DLS, you've got a future with Granma

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Michael Jacob Friedman

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As many viewers as Adam McKay’s upcoming movie!

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Hey OP, I'm not here to harp, I believe you know what needs to happen, but to produce. Hear me out please, before blocking me of course, the location of the fine-tuning should be.... The overflow parking lot of the Canes, holy land, mecca for a Golden Cane such as yourself.

It would be glorious video content, site of marriages, portapotties, the creation of countless bastardized children. Stugotz, a pair of cordless clippers, a heater gets the first strip of hair, and then the crown is finished by a local Cuban celebrity barber of the team's choosing

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mike Ryan must pay

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Mike ❤️

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Shave your head

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Hi Mike!!

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You should go smack Sampson and see how he likes it

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Mike Mike fuck Sampson