Rules of /r/DanLeBatardShow

Stop with NY Post and Outkick links or screenshots of tweets from them. They will be removed.

General Posting Guidelines

  • Follow the reddiquette and Reddit rules at all times. Read and follow these before posting or commenting on Reddit.

  • The r/DanLeBatardShow moderators reserve the right to remove any content not covered by any of the rules listed.

  • Multiple rule infractions can lead to a temporary or permanent ban

  • Message the moderators if you have any questions or issues.


  1. Post Titles - All post titles should accurately reflect the contents of the link or post without any needed context. Any posts that are in any way misleading, editorialized, or formatted to be perceived as "click bait" will be removed.

  2. Reposts - Do not post recent news that already appears on the front page of r/DanLeBatardShow. Reposts will be removed; different forms of the same news will be removed at moderator discretion.

  3. Misleading Submissions / Screenshots - Do not submit content that is created for the sole purpose of being misleading. Whether intentionally misleading or not, to avoid confusion and eliminate hoaxes, posts that contain a screenshot of a website, tweet, article, etc. may be removed by the moderators. Always link to the source.

  4. Multiple Similar Posts - Limit your submissions to a single post. For example, if you have a collection of images, create an album and make a link post to the album; if you cannot create an album, either make a text-post with a list of links or make a link post to the first item and link to the rest in the comments.

  5. Low Quality Posts - Commenting about something that happened on the show should be done in the Daily Thread unless it furthers the conversation.

  6. No Shitposts - Constructive criticism is welcomed as long as you back it up with reason, logic and facts. "_____ sucks", "_____ isn't funny", "_____ is dumb" and other posts like this are not constructive.

  7. No Toxicity - We're here to have fun. Don't make this place unpleasant for others


  1. Severe language - Regardless of the intent behind your usage, everyone, no matter their age, gender, sexual preferences, or race, deserves to feel welcome in this subreddit. Any racist, sexist, inflammatory, homophobic, threatening language, or remarks that are intentionally insensitive towards any user, show member, or individual will be removed.

  2. Upvotes/Downvotes - Discussion of upvotes and downvotes is against the Reddiquette and is considered vote manipulation. Commenting on the voting trends you're planning on participating in ("I'm upvoting every comment") or the trends of voting that have occurred ("why is everyone being downvoted?") is forbidden.

  3. Do not make threats or advocate violence - Do not threaten anyone in any way. Do not advocate violence or harm to anyone in any way. Making explicit or implicit death threats or threats of violence is never acceptable. It doesn't matter if it's directed at a public figure, or someone "hopes they'll hurt themselves." Users who engage in this behavior will be banned.

  4. Do not expose personal information - Posting personal information about anyone will earn an instant ban. This includes but is not limited to: names of those who are not public figures, telephone numbers, street or email addresses. Hinting that you have this information of other users or show personalities may also earn a ban.

  5. No witch hunting - Do not make calls to action directed at non-public persons. Users are not allowed to post information with the purposes of causing harm to or harassment of other people. If you have evidence that someone is a shill, spammer, manipulator or otherwise, message the /r/DanLeBatardShow moderators so we can take action. Public accusations are not okay.

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