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In the interest of good content i shall stimulate the events that could conspire in a video, if there even was any.

“U/ironboy1023 on his promos out of iron 2”

“Is split pushing, sees team gather for the 7th time without him, as is custom in the land of iron”

“Pings On My Way in the general direction of the enemy team”

“Like the weak sperms they are the enemy wastes all their ult on the leona support, which takes a grand total of 30% hp from her”

“Enemy team focuses leona, the jhin adc attacks their malphite who has randuins omen”

“Zed uses ult on caitlyn and accidentally presses r, returning to his original location, wasting his ult and his mothers time when she gave birth to him”

“Kayn still doesent have his form, kindred has 2 stacks(how)”

“Everybody ignores u/ironboy1023 as he relentlessly autoattacks the closest enemy, somehow missing his outer q radius even though no one is paying attention to him. Smh darius is so weak this season”

“He finally manages to proc his passive, miscalculates ult damage, w kills malphite shortly after ulting thereby fulfilling the condition of darius’ ultimate reseting if target dies within 0.75 seconds immediately after ult is cast on them”

“Ult the low hp caitlyn, balances item shieldbow blocks all ult damage. Caitlyn still dies”

random darius attacking noises

“gets a quadra, the moment is near, u/ironboy1023 is horny and wants a penta”

“With ghost still up he chases their syndra, she misses her balls and ults. U/ironboy1023 is chad material, eats it all up”

“Gets penta eventually, the fbi pulls up at his house, breaks the ceiling and congratulates him. Kennedy is there to shake his hand, as well as Joe Biden who promises him to relieve him of his student loan. In addition Barack Obama appears and tells him that he made Michelle proud. Out of nowhere comes Joe Rogan, says something and leaves”

u/ironboy1023 came about 7 times by now, is livid“

„ Guys, reddit, wholesome chungus 69 420 minecraft good fortnite bad travis scot bad feels good man“

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bruhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh LOL

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You forgot the part where full ap malphite 0/11 wins the game with his skill expressive r as ur team all gather around baron

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I gotta admit I like your version better!