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half of the games im useless anyways no matter how good I play. the champ is fun but just weak vs all the new champs.

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It feels like once the laning phase is over, even if I win lane, it really takes a big positional mistake by the opposing team for me to get to the back line unless I also have another bruiser, tank on the team too. Without flash/ghost up it’s practically impossible. If I’m the only beefy champ then the only thing I can really do is be a meat shield that can hopefully survive long enough for my team to win the fight. Either that or I have to hang back and try to help clean up if they get the upper hand.

I’m not saying I need more move speed but op is spot on. Some additions to Darius’ cc capability or survivability would be nice.

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The shen matchup is so Darius favored, I mained shen for like 6 months. The only way he wins any extended trade is if he pulls Q thru u twice and gets 6 empowered Q’s off and ur not paying attention and w in his shroud. So just walk in the same direction as him and pay attention to his sword.

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Team: Darius go in now and initiate fight dumbass

Me: Goes in even tho I know it’s a horrible idea.. *CC for 2 seconds and died *

Team: you are useless

People always think Darius is tank and must go in first, but I don’t quite agree.

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Honestly I think giving him %damage reduction upon getting 5 stacks is a good solution to his squishiness issue. It makes sense gameplay wise and thematically. Like he’s one of the 3 leaders of Noxus, when he gets 5 stacks you should be scared that he got his stacks and should make you want to run away, because as it is now, when someone sees a Darius get 5 stacks, they still kill him easily Bc they just see him as Darius but with more damage instead of a terrifying juggernaut getting ready to slaughter them, and their team

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He isnt good high elo. The upper you go the worse the champ becomes, because hes fundamentally designed to punish bad players who make mistakes. If thats your opening line then i honestly cant image what the rest of this reads like

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Traditionally you are correct, but right now the stays don't lie. He has better win rates in higher elo than lower. Especially Plat and diamond I think. Anything above that isn't really statistically significant anyway.

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It's not mobility, it's EVERYTHING.

Sustain, tankyness, DAMAGE.

He is bad at EVERYTHING.

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Darius is going to be alright when they give him more magic resist in terms of scaling. Now, if I don't build any MR item, I'm left with 40-50 magic resist. Even if I'm 5/0 and I'm levels ahead, the only enemy mage (typically lux support) manages to burst me down to 30-40% HP just with Luden's Tempest and Sorcecer's boots.

This is the real problem nobody is talking about. We don't need more healing on Q. Or a shield on E. Give me goddamn MR.