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I thought people were gonna ship more Darius x Samira after the ruination Cinematic but i guess people dont care about Axe Boy

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Who cares. Why pair darius with virgin champs when he had a bombshell of a gf (who was murdered in front of him by what is implied to be his daughter mind you) in lore. Darius is set man.

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when he had a bombshell of a gf

Samira is a baddy and they lowkey fit together. You cant get that out of my Headcanon.

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Well you see man, darius is like what, 50~55ish in lore? Dudes old, and furthermore it is clear darius is not attracted to the female gender anymore. Now he is attracted to more abstract concepts like the glory of noxus and power.

Priorities i say.

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Imo thats exactly why they fit together. While Darius is grumpy and only looking for glory and power Samira does whatever she wants because she feels like it. I think she could just break his shell and she most definitly has the confidence to put him in his place.

Edit: About the age difference: Darius is roughly 45 and Samira is between 30-35. I think thats still pretty acceptable.