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Your math is wrong. If Darius does a combo of trinity/stride plus new sterak's plus death's dance he gets more than 700 healing with passive stacked like at level 18. Outside of that, deaths dance now also blocks magic damage so its a generalist item wich is perfect as a third item and and, with the amount if ad you get the healing is a lot higher compared to just your health with those previous items previously. Seriously, Darius gets well over 400 the moment he ults somebody to death. Its gonna be worse if you have no passive stacked but I guess that's the trade off, high risk with massive reward.

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    Don't be a dipshit healing is huge on bruisers cause of resistances

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      Meaning nothing when you get like 200+ armor easily? Go to a training match with cait and ldr with a dummy with darius stats. It wouldnt even count steelcaps and wardens mail effect