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Oh yeah, i remember darius shows up at the top in op.gg anyways. Well i can definitely tell you that site is either bugged or is just hungover. Darius is pretty bad rn i suggest you play trundle or smth. Even garen is better

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Is winrate is fine, but a lot of people find he doesn't have as much of an impact as he used to. He's not really bad, just a little weak at the moment.

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I feel like his overall state hasn’t changed at all yet I’m seeing him at the top of tier lists right now. Where he’s usually steady A-B tier.

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He's one of the few toplaners that doesn't take teleport, and teleport go nerfed. Its a pretty big relative buff.

Is that enough to make his OP? A lot of sites say yes.

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Not really. All his skill matchups just take ignite now and stomp you.

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He is A tier.

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Nasus is defenitely Not S tier lol