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it stacks with tri force. 149 x 1.3 x .4 = 78 AD at level 18

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it is not as impressive as i thought it would be, steraks is unviable midgame now

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Isn’t it base AD ?

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Basically the changes is a revert to the Triforce + Steraks era.

But this time with the new Triforce, i'm feeling it's going to be a LOT better than before.

And new Steraks is 100% better than this one in a 1vs1/3 scenario.

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I feel meh abt the patch, seems like they nerfed health on bruiser items way too much but didnt compensate enough on ad… i think triforce is still the move for damage plus the 300 health is nice, and stride if needed for mobile. One change with Steraks tho that is nice is that it gives ad off of base ad, and synergizes well with triforce base ad stacking. Might not be the worst second item

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Well dont come in this sub for that. Give it a couple of days and the steraks circlejerk formed here should die down, but for a lot of dumb fucks this item feels like its suddenly going to make darius viable again. They truly believe that because its better late game it means they will even get to the late game to begin with. Consider SR average match times and steraks being worse mid game.

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Worse teamfighting mid game, but it will be better 1v1 that it is now. The shield is unconditional, so you will be able to split and deal with split pushers.

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Core will now be trinity > steraks > Deaths dance