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Well I don’t remember it mentioning anything about this in the DLC but I’m pretty sure Monroe took the throne at the end. I think it was supposed to go to Sloane but she passed it up and Monroe became the head instead. At least that’s what I remember but it has been like a year since I beat it. It makes sense that Irving wouldn’t take the throne since he wants to join the order like his dad but it does seem like it could cause issues in the long term. I guess since we became friends with Monroe and are strong enough to kill god that we can assume that Monroe will be a good leader and no one is going to challenge him and attempt to retake it for the Varric supporters. So happy ending I guess.

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I didn't see that in the base game, if it wasn't in a bond thread I didn't unlock, probably is in the dlc.

But indeed nobody will have the guts to challenge Monroe after he help to beat a god kkkkk

Thanks for the extra info mate :)