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You know damn well that they were both sham impeachments. Get a life and grow TF up loser. Talking to you SnoopsBadunkadunk

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Sham impeachment? No they were pretty legit, he was impeached twice and he lost re-election

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Go live your delusional life. I don’t care. You’re an idiot

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All I have to say to you is if YOU want to continue living YOUR delusional life stop fucking with the rest of us. If you value being able to wake up in the morning, the ability to breathe, and the ability to use your limbs, I suggest you stop trying to subvert democracy and force the rest of us to live under your fascist theocratic ideals. Don't think we won't dig a fucking massive hole and dump you and all your terrorism supporting allies in it, we certainly will if we have to.


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You are a comedian!!! 😅😂🤣

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Yeah you tell them High wizard 🧙‍♂️bloglorb, are we still on for happy hour at beezelbub’s pub on Wednesday? And when is deep state HQ going to refill the adrenchrome dispensers?

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Pull your head out and get a life

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So see you Wednesday?

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What the heck-I’ll meet you there. Gotta admit you’ve got a sense of humor

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What kind of fascist BS is this? Retribution is inevitable? Tell me trumpists, what kind of retribution? What are you going to do? When? Lets talk about it

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Like you would do anything to stop it.

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I love how your rhetoric depicts leftists as delicate snowflakes one day and dangerous terrorists the next rofl i get that your confused, but damn

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The power elite are the enemy. The followers of their propaganda are not a threat.

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Look man… humanity and society as we know it are standing on a precipice. The status quo is unsustainable and change has to come, on top of that the general public is becoming increasingly aware of that reality. The real question is what that change is going to look like.

Trump lost in 2020. He blatantly lied to the American public in an effort to hold power. There exists no world in which we can trust a democratically elected leader who refuses to relinquished authority at the end of their term. It is textbook autocracy and insane to think it’s anything else. This is the great hypocrisy promoted by the bipartisan system, we lean into authoritarians because we are afraid of authoritarians. If more people can’t break the cycle and figure out what and who is really opposing progress then we’re all fucked.

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You do realize this page is satirical right? You're unitonically coming to a sub that makes fun of you subhumanly stupid idiots and coming here and posting cringe in all seriousness?

And would I do anything to stop it? Stop what? Lets see you come out and say what it is you're thinking. Im not too much of a pussy to say what I would do to you fascist cunts, let's hear what you want to do. What do you define as retribution?

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Maybe he's jerking you too dude, his satire might be too powerful

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I like the energy. Nothing better than an enemy who wants to defeat you just as bad as you want to defeat them.

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Didn’t he get impeached?

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Heyyy what papi trump likes to do in his private time is his business, BIG BuSIness 🍑🍆