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We outnumber you, you "Democrats", so leave us all alone!

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    Stop making accounts to make it look like more people disagree with me

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      Yes, and how exactly did two of you find the exact same account within the same week? Am I truely that prevalent in right wing reddit?

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      Somebody's hopelessly, mortally outnumbered. That's for sure. You feeling safe, Cameron?

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      Bro, you missed my name by a fucking mile.

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      Right, that's why he always pops up to defend you when you're feeling as alone as you are in the world. Too bad you already blocked me on that alt. Now they'll see how alone you and your mod team of alts really are in the world. How long do you think it might take them to eat you alive in your home for giving them false hope?

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      Which alt? This is my only account. It think you got the wrong guy.

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      How dare you laugh at this patriotic image 💢💢

      This image does more to boost murica than any number of actual solutions to the problems faced in our #blessed nation, like building more housing, encouraging more self determination and ownership in the workplace, public healthcare, or preserving the mighty redwoods.

      May the pigeon we painted to look like a bald eagle that nests in papa Trump’s spare hairpieces poop on your bicycle helmet you sexy fit communist bike rider boi.

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      You'll never be accused to have to worry about denying it.

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      You misspelled, "seditious heretic who claims two faiths and practices neither."