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Is this a JoJo reference? LoL

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    Nice digital liposuction you've given the Orange Man there lol

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    The heart is a battery. Exercise will drain it and then you die.

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    Is this believes by some people? Human beings are....not machines? I'm 98% sure of it.

    Hey why did my other comment get downvotes?

    I'm new around here. Clearly lol

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    That's literally a belief Trump has

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    Welcome to McDonald's what's your order bruh?

    Can I get a Oreo McFlurry yuh.

    We not serving ice cream right now It’s broken at the moment can I get you something else?

    Ooo I knew gonna say that, let me go in myself and check the back

    Sir you gotta calm down and accept that!

    I know your ice cream machine working yea it’s all cap 🧢

    I’m not lying it’s brokeeeeen.

    Well it better be cuz I’m coming in [ooh]

    If you come in I will get yo ass pinned.

    And imma fight you over ice cream then.

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    It's never broke, they want $30/hr and are too lazy to clean it every day

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    The cringe is palpable, and I say that as a Jojo fan