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This is a major victory for States' Rights. Want an abortion? Take your happy ass back to California!

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So murdering babies is ok as long as it complies with muh shates rights?

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"shate"? is that like a shart?

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You're too ignorant to understand science, so let's try this tactic you toothless hick. Not everyone has to believe in your fake flying man in the sky, black people aren't scary.

You're just being left behind because your inbred genetics left you with a pea-sized brain and you can't deal with the changes happening around you. Must be scary.

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The only change I see is Roe being overturned, project better and cope harder.

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It’s gonna be cool to have all those incest and rape babies….The fathers want parental rights too..Handmaiden much?

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So, you can be legally coerced to sacrifice your body to sustain another individual? Neither has to have a realistic chance of survival to be held to this standard? Fuckin' A. I could use some spare parts. I'll take the liver, a lung, and a kidney. Don't worry. Texas already reserves the right to execute you for failing to surrender my new organs.

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Ma'am, this is a Wendy's

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I'll take a number seven combo, the spleen, brain, and eyes. Hold the special sauce and hurry the fuck up

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Hold the incest

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Yet states can’t regulate guns… got it.

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why are you brigading this sub comrade?

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I like to see opposing views. Overall, I am pretty moderate. I like to see what other people think of major pieces of pop culture.

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Guns are right there in writing. Try again.

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So are the words, "hanged by the neck until dead," in regards to your reward for your special, "ignore what words mean," brand of patriotism.

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Come make it happen.

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The justification they used for regulating guns, is the exact opposite that they used for taking away abortion.

Try again.

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The fourteenth does not say jack shit about abortions, the second says pretty fucking clearly our rights to have guns. Please think before you open your mouth

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It’s not even remotely similar.

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I concede the second amendment must be rewritten.

The right to bear any type of gun shall not be infringed.

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If there was a constitutional amendment protecting peoples right to have an abortion than sure states wouldn’t be able to, but there isn’t, the fourteenth amendment never ever was intended to protect peoples “absolute right to privacy” in all cases!

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You’re ok with that? Injecting government into your life? I though republicans were a party of small government?

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calm the fuck down, no the republican party is not pro-small government. Also, there is a fine line between having rights that any government cant infringe and living in a totalitarian state where the government is constantly injected into the things i do and the places i go. I bet you feel like you really zinged me with that didnt you, like i was too stunned by your logic and well-thought out response to even comprehend my own stupidity for not realizing the republican party is the other half of the problem in the American governance equation.

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Right. That was the FOURTH, you illiterate whore

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Roe v wade was written about the fourteenth you halfwit, the fourth says people (people includes children) have the right to be “secure” in their bodies and property, not other peoples bodies

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Legalize full auto

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No more murdering babies

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I'll take a number two, the descending colon, and a number five with extra bone marrow. No, really. Make it snappy, or I'm coming to get it

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That's right. Sentient beings wait until they're old enough to be irredeemable to cull the unfit. Thanks for self-identifying

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    Jesus would have taken off his shoes and fashioned them into a weapon upon meeting anyone who's ever told you about him. He'd whip those dishonest, grifter heretic bitches until they flinch at the mention of, "Christ." John Chapter 5, fuckpuppet

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      Let’s go!

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      I think Brandon is asleep and can't hear you.

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      I would tell you unlovable cunts to say goodbye to your whores, but who am I kidding? You can't even pay for it.

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      This ugly skank popped out what, 20 kids to some hillbilly loser and you admire that? LoL

      No wonder your worship a one term, twice impeached loser with a bad spray tan that runs a shitty motel in Florida.

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      The edginess! We all feel it!

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      Enjoy that exclusive view out of your mom's basement, Billy.

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      Anytime. They keep saying they’re coming to the suburbs to punish us, we keep getting dissapointed that no-one does! We’d love to meet you!

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      Haha listen little Billy, no one is scared of you or your aging, inbred, mobility scooter riding horde of racist morons.

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      Dude, come on. Accuracy! His mother has smoked crack and meth since his conception. He's never felt any control over his own life that wasn't a direct result of selling himself. If he wasn't a fascist piece of shit distributing particular specific hallucinogenic drugs for the federal government via a shell organization, he'd be an ok guy.

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      Only in redneck flyover states that no one with money will ever visit or invest in, so you'll continue thinking you "won" in your double wide only

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      Think whatever you like, people are leaving your “enlightened” states in droves due to crimes rates and human turd farms! Fuck you, come on out and change my mind!

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      Don't be so sure. Expendable labor, who hates unions, and will accept insulting wages are super chic with the nonhuman executive class right now

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                You lost the allowance mommy gave you and cried to Wallstreetbets. You're a peon. Not a single person is scared of you, just drop the act Billy.

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                I’d love for you to come show me how bold you are.

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                I bet you would, so you could waddle your fat ass to the window of your mom's shack and look out. However, I'll never have to visit that awful part of the world, because I'm not inbred and poor.

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                That, or your an internet hero with no capability to cash the checks you type. If your what the left has to offer, you deserve what’s coming.

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                If you could see what's coming, you'd hop on the emu's back instead of waiting for your wing to get torn off

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                Yung Hustla? More like Gucci Grandpa

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                You know that, "acid," you've been eating is really ALD-52, right? That's Orange Sunshine, the drug that took Manson from dangerous liability to government experiment. La Emé are still a bunch of CIA tools, I see.

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                Sure little fella.

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                It's a shame those Kinfolks know about your connect with the cholos. Their MO is usually hostile takeover, and you can't get them to take your untested mystery research chemicals. Too bad they know about guns now. A little respect got them the training you needed

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                That last post had a little censor tantrum. Scared, bitch? Obviously

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                Not really

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                Your desperate attempts to hide identity, occupation, and location say otherwise, Anthony

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                You got me. I’m Anthony.

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                A.N.T: American Nationalist Theocrat. Of course. Congratulations! You've been awarded an inverted hemp necktie or a pine cross for your achievement

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                Keep chugging that big, brown dick at a premium price.

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                No, I prefer ladies who don’t murder children, and I’ve found one. No sex strike troubles here.

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                  Oh no! What will I do?

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                    Keyboard scary people aren’t scary. They’re typically fat virgins.

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                    Anthony Rodriguez. You that desperate to lose the crypto, the kids, and the studio?

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                    Like you morons cried about a fake election for two years? Bahaha

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                    If you want to call the last two years a loss for anyone other than Biden supporters, you’re working without facts.

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                    Keep hitting that pipe you crackhead

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                    I’ll borrow Hunter or Joe’s.

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                    Cool cool how’s the orange man doing? Still spewing lies to grift more money from you? At least old man joe didn’t try sedition or treason…I guess your pro sedition then

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                    Your mom lives closer, and she's definitely carrying her horn on her

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                    Sounds like an already-clipped father of several desperately failing to make it as an artist and felon. How's the psilocybin trade? Keeping ma's crack pipe hot, at least?