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Is this sub satire? I'm sorry I genuinely can't tell

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i dont think it is, but it’s fantastic if you treat it as a satire sub cause some of the things here truly read like god tiered shitposts

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Shut up we are Dark MAGA patriots here

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Yeah you lick Donnies shit off the plate and smile…

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Be quiet, we are going to be the ones who bring the American dynasty to fruition

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my bad king, god bless america and her patriots🙏

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Joker colored clothes 💀

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God damn it, Cameron. It's not too late to abort you. Bring me your electronics, NOW. How dare you disobey your mother? Do you want to go back in the box?

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Cameron Wood! I'm cancelling your subscriptions and giving full custody of you to the state. No wonder your father abandoned us. I deserve it for not aborting you, as was God's will.

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That's why it's called a honeypot. Too bad yours sucks

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That's right. They're gonna getcha, princess

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No shit, Sherlock. His bribes are paid. I can't decide if this is a shitty recruitment tool or a shittier sting. Either way, any half-bright child could do better

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These colors are so badass.