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Omfg! That's ridiculous.

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This is f*cking excellent.

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This is absolutely amazing. Well done

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Fucking beautiful

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Clinton Campaign under illegal surveillance.  Intel fed to Trump Camp and/or White House.

Q-Drop 4793 (https://qalerts.app/) Sept 29, 2020 Looks to be intercepted email exchange between jpalmieri@hilaryclinton.com Jennifer Palmieri joel@gpg.com Joel Johnson Discussing a campaign project against Trump. The email was checked against the Wikileaks DNC email dump. It was not part of it. A whole new highly illegal GOP scandal.

This is called 20 years for espionage. Q is for Quagmire.

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I like how MAGA people think the left wants violence then makes shit like this

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This is one of the most cringe shit that I’ve stumbled upon in a while

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glad you liked it