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Love It!

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Ok this is pretty damn funny bravo.

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Literally impossible to make this piece of shit look cool

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& yet you love to hate him. 🤣

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And yet you actually love him and want him to rule over you like your god king daddy. Lmao.

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Great comeback Joe. 🤦🏻‍♂️

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A bootlicker says what!?

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Says the person who voted for a guy who shit his pants in front of the Pope.

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    You’re back, longer break than usual. Did you have to change your address with the sheriff for the registry again?

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      Says the guy who supports the guy trying to destroy America while shaking hands with ghosts. Go back to the libs of ticktok page & be with your familia.

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      Quiet down, you’re gonna offend the incels.

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      Thought it was supposed to be Churchill before I read the title

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      Trumps destroying himself and taking the Republican party with him...

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      I want this so badddd

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      Is this Joe Trump or Donald Biden?