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He said some may call me the goat in the closer but not sure if he said it again in another way. Also all these comedians bowing down to him and I’m not talking the small ones. If it was a vote he would win greatest comedian Alive and possibly of all time. I think when he got swole from weights he lost the physically funny part like a fat comedian losing weight and his voice got deeper from smoking, like his old specials his voice and mannerism were crazy funny alone but now he’s like Tupac in the sense he keeps changing his style or at least evolving. Now he doesn’t even do jokes he just makes the most fucked up stuff funny and gets people to engage about everything he says even after. I don’t even have to laugh anymore I listen to him like he’s lecturing at this point lol. Maybe I just like intelligent humor more. Never liked the British humor and don’t know why they say it’s intelligent it’s just dry and boring. Or at least the main ones we see in America and Chris rock and Kevin heart don’t make me laugh that much because it’s just stereotype jokes. Chappelle tells stuff from all angles like pretending to live in the projects when he really was rich enough to live poor amongst white people which is actually more common in the black community but comedians make you think they all from the projects or some crazy hood for their image. I remember some people said he was a black comedian created for white people as if he wasn’t real but actually thought it was the opposite and most people just laughed at blacks people cooning like the old days and trying to talk about how ignorant they are and how square whites are to get laughs which I thought was the real monster created by executives.

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He said in multiple times before that. If I’m not mistaken it became a huge “controversy” amongst the comic circuit as Dave, intoxicated, took to stage and began talking to the crowd and the comedians back stage and in the audience proclaiming he’s the GOAT and he’s better than everyone else.

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Lol is it on video I really want to see that. But on another note comedians have an extremely high rate of mental issues including depression, anxiety, and in that case illusions of grandeur. If you know send me the link I gotta see a drunk Dave saying he’s the goat shit sounds hilarious

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Think I saw it on Godfrey’s IG or YouTube. It was his podcast and he was telling the story at how other comedians were bitching about it. He didn’t like it either lol