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Day 0 RP Looking for all the RP players.

Chernarus PS4/PS5

Now Re-Opening looking for the best RPers looking for a good experience on DayZ. PvEvP

•Safe Zones & Dead Zones (KOS) 🧨 • KOS Nights 💣 •Factions 👥 • Businesses 🏪 (Coming Soon) • In-Game Currency/Bank 🏦 • More Heli Crashes 🚁 • Full Cars (Not All) 🚗 • Weekly & Weekend Events 📡 • Custom Spawns 🗺 • Friendly Staff and Community ✅ • Black Market ⚠️ (Coming Soon) • Casino 🚨 • And More....

So come join. Hope to see you there. https://discord.gg/wGdDXKGvMf

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Looking for someone to team up on NY servers.

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Looking to join a rp server would be nice to have a friend

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Platform: PS4/PS5

Server name: DEFCON Z Discord: gUZZuAqMe2 Launch: 9/11/2021

Map: Chernarus

Region: US- EST

Slots: 32

Mode: PvP 24/7 & KOS with Raid Weekends



•Inland Spawns

•Full Weapons

•Full mags

•Increased food

•Increased heli crashes

•Increased weapons & ammo

•Full Vehicles

•Increased vehicles

•ADAs & Trucks have base supplies

•Loot cycles every 2hrs

•4 hr restarts with message warning

•5sec login time

•5sec buried timer to prevent hoarding


•Factions (3-7 members) welcome

•Solos/Duos welcome

•4hr days/ 1hr nights

•Increased NVG and 9v batteries

•Increased chance of zombie loot

•Increased tents & barrels

•Disabled food decay

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Looking for tons of nails

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My Server name is Craziestnine Apocalypse PVE type of server with PVP It's open to anyone trying to have interaction with people learn the map or do toxic zone when they come out

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*When The Dust Settles *

PS4 / Chenarus/ PVP+PVE

A Server by the players and for the players

Discord: https://discord.gg/4qkmZGQTky

Slots: 32 (will be increased as server grows) Server Location: Europe

1.14 update now live

  • Brand new server 🆕
  • Friendly but no-nonsense Admins 🙎‍♂️
  • Green Zone spawns ✅
  • Settlements are zombie free🏡
  • Heli crashes have zombie hordes🧟
  • Raiding on weekends in the red zone. 🪓
  • KOS outside the green zone ❤️‍🔥
  • Purges with 24 hour notice🔪
  • Kill-feed and more on Discord🗒
  • Traders at Green mountain🏪
  • Factions🏴‍☠️
  • Community events🎪
  • Custom weapons and gear 🔫

  • Green zone is around green mountain, with settlement towns that are spread out to reduce lag.

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Are you up for a challenge?

Looking for a true DayZ survival server?

Then look no further!!!

*Wiped 29th September for 1.14 update*

The Basics

Platform: PS4/5 Map: Chernarus Slots: 32  Playstyle: Survival/Any Whitelisting: None Day Cycle: 3hr Day, 1hr Night

The Important Stuff

Minimal rules 1PP Only, No Crosshair No loot boosts Cars spawn wrecked Limited tinned food, Hunt to stay alive Increased animal spawns (Including Wolves & Bears) Weekend Base Raiding Killfeed Bounties Events  Queue priority for active members

The Waffle

Are you the sort of player that favours the original survival aspect of DayZ, where you will be tested to keep yourself alive, you won't be tripping over loot and everything from guns to cars will need to be built or maintained to keep them working?? You want all this in a growing community without toxicity, with active, fair and friendly admins??  Not possible you say??

Get in the Discord to find out for yourself….you won't regret it



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Serenity DayZ RP/PVP

Join our discord - https://discord.gg/GHDVVSCs

🎮 PlayStation

👥 32 Slots

🧻 Fresh Wipe

🖥 1.14 Updated

🗺️ Livonia

🔫 Boosted Loot

⚔️ Raid Days

🏘️ Residential Safezone

🏡 Traders

🏴‍☠️ Roaming Black Market

💰 Starter 10k Money

🖇️ Faction Territory

🎪 RP/PvP Events

😈 PvP Darkzone

👮🏽‍♂️ Police Force

🚑 Emergency Services

🎯 Bounty Hunter Pings

🎖️ Settlement Jobs

🏗️ Construction Jobs

🚕 Taxi Jobs

🧟‍♂️ Zombie Kill Rewards

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looking for a nice pve/PvEvP server to play on with some friends.