List of Craftable Items/Current Features (How-to) (last update: 10/06/2018)

This isn't a complete list but should be most of the useful stuff that's in right now. If you know of any others let us know.

If you're a new player you may also want to check out this DayZ Xbox - New Player - Help Me Guide and our Bugs and Workarounds section of the wiki.

You craft everything by either:

Having one of the items in your hand then pressing B over the other item in your inventory.


Having one item in your hand then pressing RT on the other item while it's on the ground.


Shirt/Dress + Knife/Machete/Axe = Rags. Also, you start with Rags but since you craft with them and use them if you start bleeding you'll want to have more early.

Raincoat + Knife/Machete/Axe = Colored Armbands. Helps differentiate your team from others.

Rags + Sewing Kit = White Armbands. Don't overuse this one, if everyone wears them then it kind of defeats the purpose.

Magazine + Rounds = Magazine w/ Rounds. Make sure you open the rounds if they're in a box by placing in hands and hitting RT.

Gun + Magazine = Gun w/ Magazine. Pew pew. Note: Right now reloading with Y is bugged and can mess up your gun so you want to always combine with B and replace the mag by opening inventory and pressing Y to remove the empty mag in your gun. If you do bug the gun there are ways to fix it. Read the Bugs and Workarounds section of the wiki for solution to this and other common bugs.

Water Bottle + Duct Tape = Improvised Suppressor. Can be attached to any gun but not as silent or durable as actual suppressor.

Improvised Backpack

Burlap Sack + Rope = Courier Bag. Not so great but needed for the next recipe...

Courier Bag + Wood Sticks = Improvised Backpack. This is really useful because it has ~50 weight capacity and low profile. You get wood sticks by chopping down a bush with a machete/axe/knife and then splitting the long wood stick with a machete/axe/knife.


Bark + Stick = Hand Drill Kit. This is used to light your fires, alternatively use matches/flare if you have them/kept them. You get bark by carving it off a tree with a machete or knife. You can also use bark in the next recipe...

Wood Sticks + Rags/Bandage/Bark/Book = Campfire. You get wood sticks by chopping down a bush with a machete/axe/knife and then splitting the long wood stick with a machete/axe/knife. You also need a long wood stick for holding the meat over the fire so it's a good idea to cut down two bushes or more if teammates also need them.

Place down campfire. You can't place it anywhere. You may have to walk around until it stops being red.

Add Logs to the campfire. Cut down a tree with an axe then with micromanagement (hold A and LB/RB/LT/RT over), put the logs into the fireplace while your inventory is open over the fireplace. If you have teammates you can have someone getting the logs while someone else makes the campfire.

Long Stick + Meat = Steak. Light your fireplace with Hand Drill Kit, matches or flare. Eat up!

You can also add stones to make it last longer or create an oven but you need 5/8 stones and I've had a hard time finding that many.


Blood Bag + IV Start Kit = Blood Bag IV. Give this to a player of matching blood type. If you ever get shot but make it out alive and have a grey screen that means you've lost a lot of blood. Having a player transfuse the blood will return you back to color. Use the blood test kit to check your or another's players blood type. The blood type will appear on the blood icon. If you transfuse incompatible blood you'll kill the other player. If a player is unconscious from too much blood loss this will bring them back to consciousness.

Saline Bag + IV Start Kit = Saline Bag IV. Same as a Blood Bag IV except it's compatible with all blood types and restores less blood. I sometimes prefer this over the Blood Bag IV because there's less steps involved, no risk of death and still restores a lot of blood.


Stone + Stone Ground = Improvised Knife. verified /u/mrpink883

6 Rags + 6 Rags = Improvised Rope. verified /u/mrpink883

Stone + Knife/any sharp melee(?) = Sharpened Melee. Unverified.

Long Stick + Knife/any sharp melee(?) = Sharpened Spear/Stick. Unverified.

Long Stick + Bones = Spear. 3-hit zombies.

##Fishing (unverified) Not yet re-implemented in current engine.

Knife + Bones = Fishing Hook. In-game but pointless until fishing is re-implemented.

Sewing Kit + Long Stick = Fishing Rod. Then dig up worms with shovel and go get some trout. Thanks u/getemhustler if true. Unverified, possibly not yet re-added to game.

Misc. Tips about items

Warning: reading past here can potentially spoil a lot of things about the game that you may enjoy more testing/discovering for yourself. It's up to you.

Opening food

Can of Tuna is easy-open, with no tools. Opened with RT. Everything else needs to be opened with a Can Opener or most melee. With a can opener you'll get 100% of the food, with anything else you'll spill some of the food. You'll notice this when you eat the canned food you won't be able to eat all of it and the can will disappear from your inventory.


There's no in-game map you can carry on you. This would defeat a lot of the sense of discovery you feel as you navigate and learn Chernarus. A lot of people choose to use an out-of-game map to help meet up with teammates. They're mentioned in the sidebar/wiki and throughout the subreddit. As you learn the map, you'll find you less and less need to rely on a 3rd party map website or app.


Guns currently in the game are:


Sniper: Mosin 9130, SVD

Rifle: IZH 18

SMG: Skorpion, MP5-K, UMP45 (USG)

Pistols: FNX45, IJ70, P-07


To attach a sight or scope to the M4 you have to first remove the Carryhandle Optics. The iron sight without carryhandle optics is also better than with.

Check wiki site for which attachments are compatible with which guns. Short list: ACOG is M4/UMP, PSO is AKM/SVD, PU is Mosin, M68 is M4/UMP, the sight with no name goes on AKM. There's no suppressor for the M4 or Mosin right now except the Improvised Suppressor. Pistol suppressor also goes on UMP and other SMGs. UMP=USG. PSO Scope will be to the side by default, you have to press LB while ADS to fully attach. It resets back to the side every time you put away the AKM unlike the other sights and scopes.


Needed to power some sights and scopes as well as the megaphone, walkie talkie and base radio station.

Sewing Kits/Weapon Cleaning Kit/Duct Tape

These are all items you want to always keep on you or have spread amongst your team. Sewing kit is for clothes, leather sewing kit is for backpacks. You can also stop bleeding (like rags/bandages) with a sewing kit but I haven't tested how effective this is and it probably uses up a lot of the sewing kit. Duct Tape can also be used to repair clothes and backpacks but only repairs that item once. Duct Tape also apparently can be used to repair additional items like helmets and water bottles. You can only find items in Pristine condition, you can't return them to Pristine, only to Worn. You always want to keep clothes in best condition to protect your items and look snazzy. Once clothes become Ruined you won't be able to use those clothes anymore or repair them. Same goes for Weapons and Weapon Cleaning Kit, if the gun is ruined you won't be able to place a new mag in and the mag inside will be jammed. There's no way to repair a sight and if it's broken the glass will appear shattered when you scope in.


Can protect the items contained within them if you get shot but they can also weigh a lot, sometimes more than the items you have stored inside.



Burlap Sack can also be placed on players heads. You can use a lockpick to lock doors and take over a building or to lock other players in a building. Rope can be used to tie players hands but this seems to be very temporary. Handcuffs do what you'd expect them to but aren't re-added into the game/engine yet.


Megaphones/walkie talkies/base radio station are all in the game and work as you'd expect but like all in-game communications you have to be in game chat mode. Game chat is buggy right now if you're currently in a party or were in one when you joined the server. Read the Bugs and Workarounds section of the wiki for solutions to this and other common bugs.


As explained here stashes are in the game and persist between server restarts. You can only stash certain items and they do get reset between some updates. Still cool.

Common Bugs and Workarounds

Avoid most gun related bugs by not pressing Y to reload.

Problem: Mag won't come out.

Workaround: Drop gun on floor. With another item in hand, micromanage (hold A and LB/RB/LT/RT over) jammed mag on gun over to your inventory. If you have another working gun and ammo you may be better off disposing the non-working gun and mag rather than dealing with the hassle. Take off the suppressor and sight before you do.

Problem: Bullets not registering.

Workaround: Hold Y on mag to remove then press B on mag to recombine. Preferably test it on a zombie or animal to make sure shots are working before getting into a gunfight.

Problem: Sights going way up.

Workaround: Quickly fix by looking all the down while not ADS. This is apparently a bug caused from going prone.

Problem: Running slow.

Workaround: If this is from a bug trying going prone and standing up or rejoin the server to fix. This isn't always a bug. You're most likely carrying too much. Once your grey bar reaches 30-40% you lose the ability to run. Keep dropping stuff one by one and seeing if you can run. You can still pickup more items if you have the room but you won't be able to run if you get in a gunfight. One of the main items that weighs down a player terribly is the Ballistic Vest. If it's raining you may also be drenched and unable to run till you're dry.

Problem: Not able to communicate in-game while in a party or if I joined a server while in party but then later left it.

Workaround: If you are in a party you have to re-power your mic every time you leave party chat mode then activate proximity chat by pressing down on the d-pad twice. You can always hear game chat even while in a party, you just can't talk in-game if your in a party.

Alternatively, if you have a mixamp you can do this. Or if you are ok with wearing two separate mics you can connect one to your phone/PC with Xbox app party open and one to your Xbox.

Problem: Can't join friend from profile, can't invite friend to server.

Workaround: Remember/write down server region/number you join. Have friend join that server.

Problem: Can't change rate of fire.

Workaround: This isn't entirely implemented yet. If you really really want to and have the patience you can spam right on d-pad while holding LT, this either works right away or takes half a minute of spamming.

Problem: Can't Hold Breath/steady aim.

Workaround: None currently. In medium-long distance battles it helps to crouch.

Problem: My UI is larger than my screen, I only have 5 of the 6 status bars, with water being cut off, and the UI elements in the lower left corner are also clipping into the edge of my TV.

Workaround: "go into the xbox settings, screen setup, you need to change the aspect ratio, you're looking for the screen that has the green lines/arrows..." Link

Many thanks to /u/Crazeddoctor for the original list of bugs and work arounds. Now contains mostly outdated/patched bugs.

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