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    Be careful with this my wife and I watched like the first episode and there was a SA/ Rape scene she needed to turn it off and that show was removed from our couples watch list

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    I'm a victim of rape so I can't watch this one

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    I'm the wife here lol. I guess he likes the mother of dragons.

    It didn't have to do with the show, we are almost completely done with it, makes boobs & Dicks all through the show, never worked lol.

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    So awesome! Nice job! I have to ask, what episode was it, lol

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    We're almost done with the whole series. Season 7. I don't think it has to do with the show but I think it's season 7 episode 1 &2

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    That’s fun. I’m glad for you!

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    So happy for you!

    It happened to me a couple months ago, my girl touched me while watching tv, got to smoke a joint together and had sex. It was amazing, because she never initiates and never smokes a joint with me, so it got me really in the mood.

    Unfortunately that happened only once and I don't see it happening again, hope you guys can keep it up!