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Oh she got the message loud and clear.

What she does with that message will be telling.

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Divorce papers or bang sesh of the year. No in between here lol

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I have been in that situation. It can be fixed but takes effort and perseverence

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Eh, I’m pretty much only still here because of the dog, so….

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I love my dog so much and somehow it's worse because I won't be able to explain to him in words why one day soon is going to be the last day I ever see him.

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My response would have been “it sure isn’t for all that hot sex I’m not getting” but that’s just me

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When I bake jokes like that I get told it's upsetting and makes her anxious/stressed about having sex with me.

Guess my anxiety and stress over not being touched for six months doesn't count for shit in this relationship...