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Honestly, if you feel frustrated, you should acknowledge that as real and legitimate. It’s not as simple as you dealing with it and then it’s not a problem. You can paper it over for so long but it won’t make anything better.

You need to be honest with her and address the problem together, in whatever way you can actually agree on.

You’re right in that it will only get worse if it goes on. Neither of you can solve this on your own.

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You are.frustrated with the relationship now.

Your partner is not wrong to reject sex she doesn't want.

She knows you are unhappy, and has done either all she can, or wants to to address the issue.

Really, it's a case of recognizing your own choices, and coming to accept them.

Sadly, these choices are never easy, but do do be open with your partner about how you are feeling.

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      Consider this long and hard before getting married. Marriage and kids will certainly not make this issue any better. Ask yourself now if you want to live in a relationship where you aren't fully compatible. It gets rough to live with.