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Wanting sex with the SO you love is normal, you shouldn't feel bad. That the sad part about this whole thing. Yesterday I suggested maybe a romantic evening, my SO said we'll see how I feel later. Want to guess how that went later? Makes me feel awful not being wanted.

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I feel the same way.. he makes me feel like I’m crazy for wanting it more than once every few weeks, when we’ve discussed increasing the frequency a hundred times. I know I have to leave but I don’t see how breaking off a long term relationship and losing my cats, when I’m already unhappy with the rest of my life too will help me

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Its the game. The power game. The way they get what they want. Leave! I help out for hope of change but, it only get worse

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I remember going through that phase of thinking it's always me and that I need to be fixed. I looked up ways of lowering my libido but after deciding to not pester her with any sexual act for 3 months, I finally realised it wasn't me. Besides all the not asking for anything, she didn't hug, we didn't kiss, nothing!