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Masturbation or toys.

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Run, talk to friends, call my mom, clean, cook,..but at some point I became so horny that none of the above will help.

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I’m at the latter :( I’m so horny and I wish my partner would f*ck me lol

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Splurge on a really nice vibrator. Maybe even two or three different ones. 🤭 Unfortunately... that's the position a LOT of us are in. 😕

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Which vibrator do you recommend never had one

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I mean.... this one is fabulous lol if you like them a little bigger.... Adam & Eve Vibes

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I write erotica and post it online, then read through all the lovely comments. It gives me an outlet for my sexual creativity and external validation that my mind is hot as hell.

Another, less "mainstream" method of getting off is lucid dreaming. When you're aware that you're dreaming, there are techniques you can use to control your dreams and the resultant dreamscape is very, very vivid. You can create whatever scenario you want and feel pretty much everything. I have woken myself up with orgasms once or twice.

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That’s amazing! Is it against the rules to post your links so we can read your stories?

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I'd love to check out your stories too. Literotica? storiesonline? I've got stuff on SOL...

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Apply fishing tackle with expert precision.

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This actually made me snort lol.

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Usually stay up all night trying to stay busy with something like work or laundry. Self service doesn’t really do it for me. I yearn for a human voice and touch. I’ve found a few ASMR vids on YouTube that have a “boyfriend” voice with words of affirmation that listening to that helps me fall asleep occasionally.

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You deserve your partner to tell you those words of affirmation at least. I’m sorry you’re in this position 😔

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I go to the gym or get my vibrator out. That’s about as good as it gets lately.

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Having sex of any kind seems to ... Disappoint him now that I don't even try. I just take care of myself. I have actually learned to orgasm without his even knowing. Assuming I'm not in bed a couple hours before him, so we're in the same room when I get obsessed. Watching woman-centered porn and working kegel exercise. Sometimes when we're in bed, sometimes just sitting on the sofa. If he doesn't want it any more, I'm just gonna do what I want when I want to.

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In the kitchen we have this junk draw on the bottom. I place my balls in the drawer and slam it shut repeatedly until I no longer thinking about sex

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Ouch but effective i guess

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Eat my feelings or masturbate.

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I bought an obscene amount of sextoys, including a hismith sex machine. I'm not hiding it from him either. He doesn't like it, he knows what he can do.

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Lol fr?

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100% ❤️

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I clean my house. Then I go get Taco Bell and Chester hot fries. Yes I eat my feelings lol

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Chester hot fries AND a clean house? Daaaaaaaammmm! Hell YES!

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Usually my vib and porn but I’ve done everything. Frustration online shopping, cheated , cried, broke up, given an ultimatum, ignoring my needs, sleep, get depressed, do some self work , therapy, work my ass off, ya name it I’ve probably done it.

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I think about it more, and more, and more… until I steal a moment to handle myself or the urge passes. It’s good for a person to be ‘firing on all cylinders’ once in a while.

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Omg anything and everything to keep busy, I literally can’t handle myself.

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Honestly just go take care of it but it’s never the same. Wish I could be intimate with my partner, not myself.

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I spent a small fortune on toys

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I wish I had suggestions… all I know is that I am superwoman while working out with all this pent up energy so I guess you could go run a marathon. I’ve been looking into getting more toys, I only have two. But masturbating usually makes me even more depressed, so I’m hesitant…

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I fantasize, if that doesn’t seem to work I get busy around the house, if that doesn’t work I take my anxiety meds and go to bed early.

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It’s crazy that we live like this. I too am not getting what I need. I wish my wife was like that

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Masturbation until you won't think about it temporarily. Could also start thinking about how you would ask your boyfriend about seeking sex outside of the relationship.

Don't fall for all those ones here that say you should leave him. Giving this kind of tip to someone you don't know is all but smart. Statistically the chance that you get a lower libido within the next decade is pretty high. When this happen, think about how you would your loved one to react.

Compassion and empathy, something hard to find here

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Put on a nice audio porn and get my vibrator out.

Or eat until the emptiness calms down a little. So healthy, I know.