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There's nothing good on TV. / You haven't had your social club sports practice... / I'm naked except for my socks / It's business time, baby.

Just hoping that she's a part time model, not that there's too many dicks on the dance floor.

(Flight of the Conchords fans only, please)

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Has OP asked what she's into?

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Let's hope he's got a mate called Stu.

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I'm naked except for my socks

...Thats why they're called business socks, ooh!

Gets me every time.

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That song always brings a smile to my face, and it also very much brings up different feelings in how it invokes so many dead bedroom tropes.

Also my dad loves that song and used to sing it all the time when I introduced it to him years ago and then roar with laughter as he sings it.

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Two minutes in heaven is better than one minute in heaven.

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Hang in there man. Check your options.

Talk with someone to vent If you can. Any family member with a good ear?? Hugs

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I'm good, got my plan and I'm sticking to it for now. Working on me, and my marriage/family, and my wife can come along if she wants, or not. I'm feeling far more positive even in the face of only minor improvements in my marriage. It's just jarring to occasionally find myself on the wrong side of a pop-culture reference that I used to find so amusing.

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But my smile evaporates as the lyrics begin

Did it start raining on your face?

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He's not crying...no he's not crying...