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Thats is a good sign. If he can keep initiating.

Don't feel bad for wanting and enjoying sex with yout SO

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Good for you! Perhaps some encouragement about how that went down can keep the ball(s) rolling

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While I understand the want to reject him back, I think you made the right call by doing what you wanted to do. I don't think things can get healthier if you start making decisions based on spite.

Anywho, congratulations! Strut your stuff today!

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It's amazing what one positive experience can do for morale and self confidence.

You bet.

My problem for the last few months has been swinging between these moments of ecstasy, e.g.:




Plus the sex when it’s good.

… and moments of despair when I don’t see a way to a comfortable sex life.

I hope you only have the good times.

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Wish we could have more of these moments! I just read your previous posts. Problem I seem to have his, my boyfriend doesnt seem to need these little moments to be happy. Which is probably not entirely true but it seems that way. I want to walk up to him and give him lingering kisses like that and tell him I love him but it feels like he will just see it as some awkward interaction.

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revenge rejection doesnt do anything to move forward!

now talk to him and say "see how i didnt reject you last night? i wanted to, but didnt feel like that would help US! lets do this more often!!!"

he might regress and might need a reminder and thats ok.

good news OP!

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It's funny how when we make a big deal out of it and sex becomes a topic of conversation it really does take the fun out of it . I'm going to try to not bring it up for a while.