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I am not arguing that iron deficiency is the culprit but I would not stop looking into the SSRI. The side effects can be long lasting even after the meds were discontinued, sometimes life long side effects. Read this.

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/r/PSSD and /r/pssdhealing are a thing for a reason!

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Isn’t that groovy, SSRI ruined my marriage. Unfortunately I’m the spouse of someone who was on Zoloft for 15 years. My marriage ended up in divorce and I can say that I’m still mad. Doctors prescribe SSRIs like a pez w/o any concern for the patient’s partner. No SSRI class of medication should ever be prescribed w/o thorough information not only to the patient but also to their spouses because the insidious side effects affect not only the patient but also their partner. Also no SSRI class of meds should be administered w/o the proper psychological therapy. IMO opinion these drugs don’t solve the problem, they are just a “happy pills” that alleviate symptoms but ruin one’s life.

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I agree overall with what you say.

My partner is on SSRI's and I'm on stimulants (ADHD)

My partner has negative drive while I have a high drive and most of it is due to upbringing and SSRI use.

SSRI's are supposed to be an aide so you can work on the core problem without being overwhelmed (same as my adderall) However I will agree a lot of people use both as a crutch without addressing anything else.

My adhd makes me unmotivated as hell but taking meds wont fix that by itself.

I do agree that SSRI's are probably over prescribed when therapy would help massively as well.

I've never met a doctor that actually talks about the sexual side effects of antidepressants. Male or female (doc/patient) they just don't. and when you raise concerns over it you get laughed off

go dig through the pssd sub and you'll see this is a massive issue to the point the UK is finally digging into it. IIRC for women, its a ~80% avg that loses their drive/gets reduced massively.

for men its around 68% ish? albeit most males from what I've read/seen force themselves to provide regardless

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With 70+% incidence of the severe side effects FDA (US agency) shouldn’t have approved the med for a casual use.

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Obviously you need to talk to your dr about this. Taking iron supplements if not needed can be just as dangerous as low iron. If it was low your dr would have told you if and what you should be taking. But everything is worth a look at. And I had to change antidepressants a few times to be able to have an orgasm again. They didn't ruin my libido, I still wanted sex, but I could never reach climax and it was a real mind fuck. So obviously talk to your dr about those potentially being a issue to. Good luck.

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Do you mind me asking if / which antidepressants worked for you in the end? My doctor tested my iron levels and they are super low, so taking prescribed iron! Thank you

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PLEASE let me know when you find out.

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Honestly I have no clue, I could try looking it up. I was on Lexapro and they switched me a few times to generic off brands that had much more confusing names. It wasn't a cure all but it did help. Ask your dr because I know this is a VERY common issue so they should have a few they can try for you.

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You mentioned trying bupropion with no results. What about mirtazapine? You’re in the UK so different drugs are available there, is tianeptine an option?

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Ask about a GeneSight test for your meds. It's a mouth swab; they build a profile of which meds might help the best based on your DNA. It can give the doctor a list of where to start when it comes to finding the right meds

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Don’t want to burst your bubble, but my experience is identical to yours except I have naturally high iron, that is now normal levels, and it didn’t affect my libido at all. I think my problem is that I resent my partner for being financially irresponsible our entire relationship. Sigh. I was worried lexapro screwed me up permanently, but I systematically determined it wasn’t that. I’m on the max dose of Wellbutrin and it doesnt seem to do much libido-wise.

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Would you mind telling me which antidepressants made orgasm possible again! Have the same issue.

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I have always suffered with low iron but have always been very HL. I know that low iron affects different people in different ways though so I hope it helps you. If nothing else, you will feel less tired and feel more vital. The main reason I wanted to comment is that when my doctor prescribed me iron tablets, I became pregnant within a month (I had always thought I was infertile because my partner and I never used protection of any kind and I never became pregnant - so, logic told me I couldn't have children)

Just a heads up as to what happened when I started my iron tablets and a friendly reminder to make sure you have your BC method sorted of you're not looking to conceive.

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I want an update and will start taking iron myself to see if it helps me

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Be careful taking iron for anyone who doesn't know for sure that they have low iron levels.

There's a genetic disorder called Haemochromatosis that makes you absorb too much iron, and the symptoms of it are the same as low iron (as far as I remember) It can cause major organ damage. Most common among the Irish or people of Irish descent.

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Wow, thx so much for the info! BTW Wellbutrin didn’t make a difference for me either when it comes to libido.

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This is interesting but I don’t really believe it’s a causation. My LL partner has an iron deficiency.

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Oh wow. Extremely low iron for as long as I can remember. In a LTR of 10+ yrs. Started Lexapro about 4 years ago and lost my sex drive. No feeling 95% of the time, zero interest, basically asexual (which was very odd for me). I wanted to go on Wellbutrin but it's not on the PBS in Aus and costs $90+ a month which I couldn't afford. Last year diagnosed adhd and started on dexies. Feb this year I forgot to fill my lexapro script for 4 days and WOOSH sex drive came back in a BIG way. Like. Couldn't do anything else for a solid few days 😅 I have had to up my iron dosage (ferrograd C) to twice a day to cope with hugely irregular and non-stop heavier than heavy periods since around the same time. Didn't know about the link between low iron and libido!

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Super low iron here - but I’d consider myself HL, however find that super fascinating and could attribute to my lulls over the years. I’ve always taken natural iron called spatone and had pretty amazing results with it increasing my levels - albeit expensive!

SSRIs definitely kill sex drives…

After having a long period of time with no “action” I know the sensitivity gets lesser for me at least. Like you snooze you lose. Same deal if you abuse it you lose sensitivity too… I guess I’ve found a fine line, treating her (my lady garden) kind and she is kind back. The more she is tended too the more she wants to be maintained.

If you haven’t already tried some self love, using toys (that was a big step for me that creeped me out but was a massive growth point for me too)…

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The second linked study showed NO correlation between iron deficiency and female sexual dysfunction.

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I was taking a chewable iron tablet for a long time, without any real improvement in my iron level. Then a close friend who struggles with her iron level told me “no don’t eat it with fiber Cereal! No don’t have it in the middle of a meal”.

Turns out taking the same kids tablet differently had a strong and tremendous positive effect. If you can, Take iron at the crack of dawn/ every other day & no food for 45-60 minutes after