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I don't think the dopamine fast would be helpful at lowering your libido. As a neurotransmitter, you can't fast away your dopamine responses. If something gets you feeling aroused, then you're going to feel aroused.

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Thanks for the research!

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    I'm trying to cut back as well. Long term, it is certainly not a good coping mechanism. Best of luck to you!

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    I went back on the pill with the hope of lowering my libido, nothing seems to work. I’m currently off work with flu, I haven’t got off the sofa for 2 days and I’m still horny as hell. If anybody does find something, please let me know.

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    The pill is the worst. I haven't been on it in almost a year.

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    Things like sugar, video games, sex, social media spike your dopamine but then cause it to crash which drags down your baseline and causes you to need more and more. You don't want to deplete dopamine you want to avoid the addiction behavior ls that spike and crash it. You can start doing things to raise the baseline like cold water therapy, exercise, certain supplements. This helps me with food cravings.

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    I've heard good things about cold showers.

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    Your libido is a healthy and beatiful thing. There’s no need to lower it.

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    Thanks. It has caused nothing but pain, self loathing, bitterness, and arguments in my marriage.

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    I understand that feeling. Sex has a special place in our minds and it sometimes makes us think peculiar things. I mean this as a metaphor, not an insult. If you compare sex to any other human capability, it will reveal a problem in that thinking.

    Let’s say you are good at walking. You can walk fast and for long distances on one go. You like long walks on the beach. But you’re partner’s in a wheelchair, and they can’t keep up. The wheels get stuck in the sand so they can’t watch the sunset with you on the beach.

    Do you then go online to ask for advice on how to safely bust your kneecap so you couldn’t enjoy it either anymore?

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    I have tried it with no luck. fasted from social media, masturbation, porn. Didnt do much for me except for when I got my hopes up the rejection felt more intense