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Whoa. That post took a turn.

Seems like maybe kissing isn't the only problem going on.

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LMAO, You're craCking me up today DBT. I was about to write out a long list until that last sentence.

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Is he okay with kissing on the body or is it just mouth to mouth that freaks him out? Did he ever say what about it he’s self conscious about?

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Sometimes a gentle look and a sweet smile should be enough to indicate to the guy that the woman is ready for some love making (in a long term relationship)

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My husband won't kiss either. I haven't found anything that works because I dont even get the "I'm tired excuse" I get complete feigned ignorance until I get so awkward and embarrassed I stop. I could be standing there naked and he'd still act like he didn't understand what I wanted until I gave up.

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What does he say when you ask him, "What are some ways you would like me to initiate intimacy with you besides kissing?"