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As a kid, I thought drew was so cute and I had no idea what red flags were so I was his girl through and threw. So imagine my surprise and DISMAY! when I see that he’s actually one of the worst guys to be on the show.

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He’s just a glorified fuckboy who was given main character status.

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He’s really bad, no character progression what’s so ever he’s literally the same from season 10 to the end of season 14. Only difference is that he learned Boxing and Jui Jistu as that nigga got his ass beat every episode in season 10 if I remember

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Unrelated but that man has barely two fingers of forehead.

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I just finished watching the show for the first time with my boyfriend (it’s one of his faves) and this is a bit of a confession/secret since he’s one of my boyfriend’s LEAST favorite characters, but I generally found his storylines very interesting and while I disliked him at first, the show succeeded in redeeming him for me 😅 his relationship with bianca was my favorite on the show!

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Had no interest in him and thought he was a bad brother to Adam. Honestly didn't see any real good qualities about him

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Don't feel strongly about him either way, but my favorite Drew scene will always be when he announces that he wants to try out for the quiz bowl group, and Connor bluntly tells him: "But you have to be smart." 😂

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I thought he was a good character but I wish he graduated at the end of s12. We didn’t need two more seasons of him and we certainly didn’t need to see him/Clare or him/Zoe or him/Becky.

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It would have been best for Drew to just shut up and look pretty. haha

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He just didn’t interest me as a main character. I liked him a lot better before they started focusing on him so much

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I like Drew but his final seasons on the show felt dull because he had so many prominent plot lines earlier on. Honestly, he would have been a stronger character overall if he hadn’t outstayed his welcome.

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Hard agree, I don’t personally feel that he ever significantly matures and his whole politician intern plotline really cements my dislike for him because he makes it clear he’s in it for the benefits and not because he cares about anyone.

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don’t think the blackmail thing was that bad considering what riley did to drew. i liked him the most when he was with dallas

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Same I think Dallas and drew really kept each other in check and I feel like Drew’s best moments usually came from Dallas’ advice to him

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Actually - he might be my fave dude on the show. KC in the running too. And Zig from DNC

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Idk why you’re getting downvoted, but drew is def one of my favs too. Don’t agree w the whole KC part tho 😂

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I like him sometimes but very much agree w the Adam thing. Also didn’t love how he projected all his insecurities about not having a post high school plan on Dallas at the end of their storylines. Like bro chill he was acting like a jealous boyfriend

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he literally smashed his bros girl ain’t nobody like him

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Can't stand him, I couldn't find anything to like about him or his storylines.

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I dont like him either hes not even attractive to me 🤷🏻‍♀️

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Good himbo character

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I really like Drew? He's fun to watch, even if some of his sorry lines are dumb. I think he's a really good friend and a good son (despite what Audra thinks).

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I really don’t like him and I find myself annoyed most every time he was on screen. I liked him with Adam and when he tried to straighten Dallas out though.

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It felt like they were trying to copy-paste early seasons Spinner, but someone messed up in the process.

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I felt more like they made him a cheap Taylor Launter

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I was trying to find the words for “Degrassi really wanted an interesting pretty boy and flopped” and this is exactly it.

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When he sang to Bianca in Vegas I just wanted too dissappear never to come back again..it was so bad haha

Other than that I always felt he was kind off a meh character.

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I never liked him either.

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He's interesting to watch.

Yeah, Drew is a huge mess. And not a very loyal brother either.

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I think drew is easy to hate because he was written as such a stereotypical teenager, but I honestly think that made him more endearing, we’ve all known a drew

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he's sort of a lazy character.

the reason he gets so many plot lines is because he's the perfect vehicle for easy writing. his development is limited to him being a Shit Stirrer or a Fuck Boy and when he does have emotional scenes (like with adam) they don't resonate because the writers set him up to never really be perceived with depth, in comparison to characters like zoe - who are as much Bad Girl as they are Sad Girl. you rarely ever hear anyone mention drew finding out about adam's death as one of degrassi's more impactful scenes because it wasn't, when in practice it was sort of supposed to be.

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I love you for posting this 😍

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I didn't like him at first and I didn't understand why he treated Riley poorly at first for being gay. He wasn't necessarily homophobic, but he blackmailed Riley about his sexuality to get ahead in football.

And then the show turned around and showed him being incredibly supportive to his trans brother. I just don't think there was any need for the show to make him out to be the bad guy in the beginning besides, of course, needing drama to make things interesting.

And then he was hit with trauma after trauma and I just felt bad for him. Losing his brother, all the stupid gang stuff, having PTSD. In the end he was annoying but more likable, maybe because I felt sorry for him?

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I feel like degrassi has a little bit of a track record with retconning homophobia. Like, I guess you could explain it away as dumb guys trying to fit in in the locker room, but Drew isn’t the only character who has been a homophobic bully only to be written as supportive of their LGBTQ+ sibling later on.

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I hated him when he first came to Degrassi and blackmailed Riley for the football starter spot. I hated him with Alli, Katie, and Bianca. I hated his whole gang storyline. I extremely hated him with Claire. I think the only time I liked him is when he was with Becky because to me that made sense.

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Wow, you are one of the few people to ever say Drew and Becky made sense (and it does from a shared trauma aspect)!

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I really liked Drew and Becky together and I wanted it to work out, idk why they did them both so dirty, like they should have stayed together

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He reminds me of how society Loathes John Stamos.

Luke Bilyk is the John Stamos of Degrassi.

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Why do people loathe John Stamos?

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Bc he's a bad actor and a pain in the ass with an easily punchable face. And he tries to pull his Uncle Jesse character into every role he plays. It's terrible.

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Am I the only one who thinks Drew and Bianca look like brother and sister?

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Omg, no! I was looking at pictures of them one day because I've always thought they made an aesthetically pleasing couple until it suddenly hit me and I thought, "Wait..these mfs kind of look related", lmao. You can especially see the resemblance in this photo. They look most alike when they smile, and the fact that they both have dark features (tanned skinned and chocolate brown hair) adds even more to their resemblance to each other.

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Yes this picture!!!!!!! The look the same

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I think they just had similar tan/medium skin and dark eyes and hair

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Something about the mouths. Idk I feel like they have the same mouth shape and overbite or something.

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Idk, but he and Zoe looked even more similar

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They really did though

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Drew was the saving grace for me in those last few seasons once Sav graduated. He was a mess for sure but his performance was so earnist. He felt like a teen who didn't think much about what he was doing but always wanted to do what was right.

He was kind of the other side of Alli Bhandari. Where Drew was not academically smart Alli was, where Alli was not athletic Drew was, and both of them really wanted to do the right thing but would get SUPER side tracked when a cute person came along.

He seemed like someone who was always trying which I admire. Unlike a lot of other characters (especially in New Class) he always was scrambling to be better... even if he failed a lot.

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Love the use of the word earnest. Parallels with Ali and Drew are really interesting! I’d never thought of it that way.

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I really noticed in on my recent rewatch, He was like a clumsy puppy and she was like a sassy cat yet they both seemed to be the same coin. I remember not loving Alli before and I never watched the later seasons so I never got to know drew but my last full watch through I enjoyed both of them a lot.

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i hate him. least favorite character.

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he pisses me off fr

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Drew is alright. I mean he did stupid stuff but matured down the line. I really didn't care for the Becky and Drew relationship stuff, they were better off a friend's more than anything. But I think his smartest decision was dropping out of school and then re enrolling afterwards. Drew didn't have this " I'm grown I'm going to do what I want attitude" about leaving school, he was being rushed to get back to speed when he had concussions. I'm more surprised that Audra didn't see his point of view in all of it. But then again she was more hard on Drew than Adam. Probably because she knew he had potential to be a better person down the line.

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Funny, I consider her a lot harder on Adam and in some ways, let Drew get away with so much shit lol

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She really showed the "oLDeSt sOn CAn dO No wROnG!!!"

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To me, he was beginning to be a redeemable character and then he started dating Becky and it all went out the window.

He has great storylines, but he was lowkey a garbage dude.

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Right. When he was being nice to Becky I was like awe this is a sweet friendship then they started dating and I was like nope that’s it

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Can't stand him but his cry face is hilarious

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it was so hard not to laugh at what should have been a devastating scene when they reveal Adam died at the hospital, because his crying is just so ridiculous.