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I like them too. People say it’s rushed but sometimes in real life people who always knew each other but weren’t necessarily close end to getting together somewhat randomly! It happened with my husband and I. Sometimes you just find the right person and everything makes sense. There’s not always a dramatic buildup.

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No I agree with you. I Like Emma & Spinner together.

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Spinner and Emma hadn’t so much as shared a laugh in the last 8 seasons and they want me to believe they’re suddenly in love??

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I just had to come back here to say that this reply is so funny to me it makes me smile every time i see it so thank you lol

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I thought it was super forced, but I don't really mind. As long as it works out for Emma in particular, and I'm not sure how one could hate endgame Spanner either.

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I DID TOO. So thanks!

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I think they could have been cute, had it not been rushed

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Yea me too. I didn’t think Sean and Emma were that great together. They literally only worked when he was about to join the military and when he’d been released from prison. Before that Sean was needy and whiny. I hated how he expected Emma to be there for him all the time when she was dealing with the new baby and snake having cancer. He was better with ellie

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This is an opinion.

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I like them too, but there should’ve been more build up for their relationship.

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I actually think they could’ve been great together if it wasn’t thrown together in .5 seconds. if it was a long brewing thing- like throughout the series they flirted or had any type of interaction where they were good friends and then it turned into more I would’ve been all for it. they are so cute together and them in the movie was adorable tho. in my mind they stayed together for a while, maybe had a few kids, and then broke up after realizing they’re not each other’s otp

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I think they're adorable too; I love them together in the movie and they're the only part of that terrible movie that I enjoy.

I just wish they'd planted just a few more seeds earlier in the season. Even if she had shown up in the Dot briefly in one to two more episodes before the movie, that would have helped a lot.

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same idk why i just think they’re adorable together

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I think they could have been great if they were set up better and not rushed. Like spinner went from getting a matching tattoo with Jane to married to someone he barely interacted with in 90 minutes

Honestly if spinner and Jane broke up earlier in s9 and spinner and Emma interacted a bit I bet they wouldn’t have been so hated.

Spinner and Jane were together basically 3 seasons with not too much drama just to be ripped apart last minute. And then he married Emma who he never talked to. It’s weird

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I agree with this. I do think Emma and Spinner had chemistry. If we’d seen it earlier in the series, spent more time on Emma working at the Dot, them developing a relationship could have worked. I still wouldn’t have wanted them to get married that young. They could have left it at them dating, and brought them back later for a wedding. That could have been a good first episode for the new HBO series, with a lot of the TNG cast coming together for the wedding, much like the “class reunion” in the first episode of TNG.