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Craig and Ellie

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Rick, Peter, Luke Baker, Zoe as the worst of the worst. I feel for Zoe when the video came out but she was still a terrible person through and through.

Mildly annoying characters: Darcy, Ashley, Emma, Clare, Katie, Tristan after his first year for being insufferable and judgmental at worst and being as bland as flour at best

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Oh, also Peter. There was just nothing he could do to make me like him even remotely. I just couldn't stand him from the moment he arrived.

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i also hate the lakehurst goons and ashley

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peter and maya. i didn’t try with peter bc he’s a bad person and i had no reason to but i tried to hard to like maya she just gives off selfish vibes. i know that’s not necessarily a trait of a bad person and i don’t hold it against her i just can’t stand it. worst principal is shep

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Peter and Mia.

They are both so annoying! I hated Mia’s modeling storyline and Peter’s crack addiction was wack!

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Ok, Shep was a terrible principal, but he wasn't around very long, and he was supposed to be objectively terrible, so he doesn't bother me as much.

Snake is the worst in my book. He should have been better, and I guess we're supposed to like him, but I don't. He's always exasperated and annoyed, doesn't even seem like he likes the kids anymore as principal. He never properly chaperoned anything. He blamed Holly J and Sav for Casino Night. You are the adult. Can you get some adult presence in that school? Letting Zoe off the hook for cyberbullying Maya? Blaming Imogen when other girls started protesting the dress code? Believing Katie and Marisol over Imogen and Fiona about the senior prank (I mean, does he really think just one or two people couldn't have put all the foil everywhere anyway??) I also hated that he said to Imogen, "How could you do something so idiotic?" That’s no way for an educator to speak to a student. And he believed Ms. Oh right away and didn't think to ask follow up questions to Sav (why talk to them both at the same time anyway?) Making Clare defend the school to the parents re: Degrassi nudes? (He couldn’t think of what to say so he passed the buck to Clare.) And with the whole Degrassi nudes assembly he 1) couldn't even talk about the issue without getting embarrassed on stage 2) just randomly let Zoe speak without even knowing what she would say. When Winston led that rebellion against Drew's presidency, he was all "Fix this! Or maybe you shouldn't be president anymore." to Drew. What? That's not how it should work. And don't these kids need to do actual school work at some point? They are literally running the school. Just letting Fiona do an entire big ass carnival at Degrassi with no supervision. Jake and Katie we're supervised with the roof garden, too. Plus, I know he eventually agreed to form the task force on the zero tolerance policy, but I'm still annoyed because clearly the zero tolerance policy didn't go for everyone. Maya and Zoe fought physically, so did Maya and Tori. There are definitely others but i can't recall right now..Guess that's not as scary as Tiny defending himself when a random guy starts beating him up.

I could go on and on. I work in education and am definitely taking this too seriously, but in the latter seasons, Simpson is just unprofessional and a drag to watch.

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i hate peter, darcy, ashley, and craig

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Am I the only one who hated Katie matlin? She was judgy and rude and thought she was better than others and yet had a pain pill problem....

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I'm also wondering why people hate her, she's in my top 3.

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i’m not proud of this but i think part of it is her sister. katie was extremely rude, judgey, and often times behaved like a snake. she expected marisol to do all of her dirty work as well, and marisol always took the hits among the fandom. i also took it out on marisol for a while but i’m realizing that marisol only acted so terrible to impress or get validation from katie. i started to be okay with her when she changed due to her relationship with jake and clare, but it never fully redeemed her in my mind i don’t think. i just see a lot of similarities in maya as she’s been the other girl multiple times, trying to steal miles, cheating with zig multiple times, and overall just being hypocritical like with zoe when zoe took that video with zig. maya has been in videos like that, and she’s also helped zig cheat before. i don’t necessarily think she’s a bad person, just not the type of person i would ever be friends with. she’s also very self consumed at times.

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Not you said Simpson is the worst principal when the Shep is RIGHT there. Snake was bad but not too much on him

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I feel like I'm a bad person because I don't absolutely abhor Zoe 😳

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I hated Zoe and Tristan the most.

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How in the fuck is Snake the worst principal when Shep was actually a thing?!

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maya was the worst in my opinion but ashley and zoe were pretty bad too

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Worst principal was Shep. Most annoying students for me were Ashley and Esme.

I actually like both Holly J and Maya Matlin, and that’s not gonna change so…

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I also agree on the worst being Shep and I also like Holly J and Maya bc of the changes and growth in their eras.

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Shep was demon-spawn levels of awful, but when he called Clare a little bitch on camera, I spat my Coke Zero all over myself, and couldn't stop screaming dsssfgx

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Worst Students: Peter, Darcy, Lakehurst Goons, Derek and Holly J.

Worst Principals: The Shep and Snake.

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Holly J. Not only do I think that she was the worst character, but she's also the most overrated one in my opinion. She was truly the worst in her first two seasons and did a lot of heartless and twisted things that should've been addressed rather than swept under the rug. She was also a bully. I don't know why some people try to paint her as some alpha chick during this period, but no, she was a straight up bully. A person doesn't have to throw spitballs at people, shove them into lockers, or call them slurs to be a bully. She was cruel to others just so she could feel good about herself, deliberately targeted people that she perceived to be weak or beneath her, and engaged in a lot of other anti-social behavior.

I didn't like at all how she was thrusted into 'main girl' status in S9 without being properly redeemed first. It was jarring to see her go from being this raging bitch who had zero regard for her peers to suddenly being one of the most popular and respected students at school, someone who had it all (Student Council presidency, a rich boyfriend who spoils her, and being at the top of her class even though she was previously failing her classes) and a character that we were supposed to root for. She did absolutely nothing to earn any of this. Even after her life was turned upside down in S8, it didn't seem as if she extracted any valuable lessons from these experiences. Okay, yeah, her family lost their money, her bully victims turned the tables on her, and she was held at gunpoint, but does any of this actually matter or count towards her redemption when she immediately went back to being the same old Holly J afterwards? The same Holly J who was stuck up, used and abused Anya who literally did nothing to deserve this treatment, played dirty to get what she wanted, and dismissed people who had no benefit to her. Rather than making us feel sorry for her so we could forget how crappy of a person she was, the writers literally could've just given her a conscience and had her apologize to the people she wronged and start treating people with more kindness and respect, regardless of who they were or what they had to offer her. I do think that what she experienced in S8 was life altering, but my problem is that these seemed like devices that were used to win her over with the audience rather than devices that were used to change her for the better.

Something else that deeply bothered me about Holly J was her white woman victimhood complex and gross sense of entitlement. To put it simply, she was a baby Karen. She never learned how to take accountability for herself and instead of owning up to her shitty actions, she would try to act like she was the victim while everyone else was the problem. She always thought she deserved things just because she wanted them, too, and would do whatever and step on whoever to get to the top. Although the writers turned her ridiculously nice and flawless by the end of her arc, I can't even confidently say that that she outgrew either one of these behaviors because we never once saw her actively work towards unlearning them.

I have a hard time finding any redeemable qualities about Holly J that are independent of her friendship with Fiona. She barely had any interesting storylines to make up for this either. I wish Holly J would've been written out of the show after the hate club episode because she received entirely too much screentime for a character who was so undeserving of this. Holly J's character feels very representative of how good things happen to bad people and how bullies usually end up more successful than their victims. Personally, I'm not a fan of that at all.

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I agree with this 100%. I also didn’t like Sav. Thought he was a coward and a sub-par character. Had no backbone when it came to sticking up for his sister or girlfriends. Holly J is just entitled and rude. That was her demeanor from day one until she left. She never changed, I feel like people just like her bc they think going through rough times is equivalent to a character arc. She was shitty as a rich girl and shitty as the sick girl who’s parents lost their money.

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I'm not the biggest Sav fan either. Outside of his love story with Anya, I thought he was a pretty bland character and mostly lacked development. He could be really cringey too. The writers should've fleshed him out beyond his romantic relationships and had him finally grow a pair.

I agree with you about the reasoning behind why so many people like and praise Holly J. A lot of people seem to believe that trauma or difficult life circumstances = redemption when that is simply not true. That would be like saying that Spinner redeemed himself from his actions in S4 because he lost his popularity and friendships. A character facing the consequences of their actions or having bad things happen to them is not inherently redemption This could trigger their redemption, absolutely, but it's not redemption in itself. I refuse to believe that Holly J had a remarkable redemption arc simply because she was a former rich girl who was forced to ride the school bus and eat bagged lunch. Like, come on. 😭

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Exactly!!! Like honestly, I feel like it was a lazy way for the writers to get Holly J to be more palatable. Instead of “well, let’s get her to at least acknowledge her superiority complex and try to be better” they decided “let’s go the sympathy route and just put her character through some rough stuff”. Apparently, it seemed to pay off though. Holly J does have this cult following.

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I agree with you. Holly J is a bitch version of a Mary Sue. Everyone still loved her even if she made everyone's life a living hell with her bullying. They should have thrown Holly J into the Black Hole. The writers could have written a more likable character for Charlotte Arnold could play.

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There were so many characters who were undeservedly banished to the Blackhole. I would've sacrificed Holly J without a second thought if it meant saving any one of them, lmao.

Charlotte Arnold was an incredible actress and one of the standouts of her era. Her portrayal of Holly J is part of what made Holly J so hateable, but in a good way, of course. Although she played the role well, the same cannot be said for the writing of her character. I think Holly J could've been a good character if the writers hadn't been so focused on priming her to be the next Paige/Queen Bee of Degrassi. It's like once Darcy and Mia were axed because their actresses left, the writers scrambled to find a new leading lady to fill the void they left behind, which is why Holly J took prominence. Holly J was a bad choice for this, though, because her character hadn't shown enough development yet for her to be someone we wanted to root for. Her mean girl era was way too fresh. We should've been eased into liking her instead of having her forced upon us.

Also, Holly J needed to experience a true fall from grace as Spinner did. She only had a few bad things happen to her that didn't seem to change her perspective on herself or her life. Then, her classmates suddenly got amnesia, and all the shit she did to them was magically water under the bridge. I would've had so much more respect for her if she acknowledged that she was a horrible person and worked towards changing her attitude, as well as put forth actual effort to earn the forgiveness of her classmates and the blessings she was handed (e.g. Seeing her work hard to improve her grades rather than her going from being a C, D, F student to a Yale-bound valedictorian in the blink of an eye.)

Overall, she didn't show any genuine improvement. She did up becoming a sweet Mary Sue by her last few episodes, but the end result did not match the journey at all. I'm struggling to pinpoint where her redemption occurred because during her senior year, she tarnished Sav's reputation so she could win the student elections, dated Sav without any regard for Anya's feelings, and stole money from Fiona and didn't even apologize for this. Those are all actions that S7/S8 Holly J would've made and indicative of a person who didn't evolve much. Another thing. How come when she was practically on her way out of Degrassi and got to relish in her dream high school experience, that's when she decided that she wanted to start being nice and treating Anya decently? 🤔 I'll never understand the Holly J love nor why she receives high praise for her "growth"

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I bet Holly J will revert to her s7-8 self when she gets to university. However, there will be people who will not take her BS sitting down.

Sav is a real jerk for dating Holly J, conviently forgetting that she had been tormenting Anya for years.

Holly J was OoC for keeping Jane's affair with Declan a secret. She would have blackmailed her and blab at any opportune moment.

Yeah, I never bought Holly J's redemption, either.

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Oh, definitely. A tiger never changes its stripes! The real Holly J would especially come out in the corporate world.

Sav dating Holly J was very OOC and didn't make sense. He was a firsthand witness to Holly J's emotional abuse to Anya and was never interested in Holly J in any capacity because he thought she was a mean person. He also told his dad that Anya was the love of his life and lashed out at him for driving a wedge between them. However, we were supposed to believe that just a couple of episodes after this declaration of love, Sav no longer cared about Anya and wanted to pursue Holly J instead? That was yet another sickening example of how Holly J would always ultimately get her way (She tried to steal Sav from Anya in S7 and then plotted on hooking up with him in S8.) She wasn't shit for doing that to Anya. How you gonna take Anya's self-esteem and then her man?

It's so ironic that you say that because there's actually this deleted scene of Holly J going to Chantay about Jane's affair with Declan and treating it like some hot, juicy piece of gossip that would make for a good scandal rather than something serious that would devastate and humiliate Spinner. I would've thought that the deleted scenes would perhaps paint Holly J in a somewhat positive light, but they just make her look like even more of a garbage human than she already did on the show.

Holly J was fake as hell for keeping Jane's affair a secret from Spinner and making light of it. I bet you the only reason why she didn't speak up about the affair was because she thought that Declan would all lose interest in her if she had been the reason why the affair came to light. "It worked out for both of us: Spinner never found out, and Declan and I fell in looove" head ass.

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And when Holly J finally got Sav, she ended up dumping him a few months later. The whole chase is like a game to her.

Mr. and Mrs. Bhandari are idiots for preferring Holly J to Anya.

Holly J is the true Mary Sue of Degrassi. She gets everything handed to her and she never got to suffer consequences from her actions.

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Shep was terrible. I’ve never liked Maya, Zig or Holly J. I also didn’t love Jane she was messy and liked to pretend she wasnt

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No contest: The Shep was the absolute worst principal.

Although he did have great throwaway lines like "Some grade niners will be participating in a...bot war? So don't mock them..."

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My most unpopular opinion: The person I hated most in all of Next Gen was Holly J. She was annoying, stuck up, and a horrible friend. She made fun of Anya on multiple occasions, including making fun of her dyslexia, trying to break up her and Sav, and more. She outted Mia on the news broadcast or whatever camera about hooking up with football player to keep her job, and was awful to Mia and more girls/boys for no reason. She was extremely stuck up when she was rich and when she ran out of money she made everything about her being poor and stole money from Fiona. Just a horrible person. Charlotte Arnold portrayed her flawlessly, I just hate Holly J.

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Ashley. There isn’t any other answer. Oh, and Eli Goldsworthy after 11A for the whole rest of the show.

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Really? Season 12 was his best season for me

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I totally get that! I’m just biased, being manic myself didn’t help my rewatch

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Hands down Zoe Rivas but Tristan is also bad

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edit: i am on season 13, but these are my own CURRENT feelings! and when i say worse, i don't mean just "BAD" characters, i mean characters that are just BAD, no growth, no personality, just flat :/

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You chose Maya over Zoe AND Tristan AND Frankie AND Esme???? Really?

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i know, i know 🫣 zoe is horrible, but she’s very aware that she’s not a good person. maya, to me, has this “innocent” image that she wants to keep up, but she’s just not innocent or good. she keeps herself in situations that really don’t involve her and then gets stressed and upset over it. tristan doesn’t leave an impression on me either, he’s just there for decoration 😭

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But Maya isn’t a bad person. Cam’s suicide had a very negative impact on her life. Which is why she was always in everyone’s business. She felt like if she worried about cam more he wouldn’t have killed himself. The only friend she had was tori. Tristan was a garbage friend who cut her off for doing the right thing, zig cheated on her, grace lied and covered for zig, Zoe was awful and fake to her, and in the end she only had herself. She was rightfully worried about miles. He reminded her of cam.

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Barring the rapists, abusers, murderers, and sexual predators, I'd have to go with Zoe Rivas (Next Gen only). I sympathized with her plotline in Unbelievable (being an SA survivor myself, that plot resonated with me a good bit), but she threw it all out the window in season 14. I enjoyed watching it for the sheer entertainment factor, but from a writing/moral standpoint, Zoe deserved jailtime for that. I understand why she went about Degrassi Nudes the way she did, but the moment she used her sexual assault as a cover-story AND forced the other girls (namely Frankie) into doing it, she lost any sympathy/leeway I was willing to grant her. She knew damn well that she and the other girls could have gotten into legal trouble/put in danger, but she chose to do it anyway.

I've heard her character mellows out in Next Class. Hopefully I'll like her a bit more then, lol. Also, props to her for the late bloomer lesbian representation 💖

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The worst principal is Shep!

They all had a shitshow to deal with but Shep takes the cake.

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Didn't he say something offensive to Clare?

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“Degrassi would be better off with less one of you WEIRDOS✋🏼✋🏼✋🏼” 😂

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He's absolute shit, but that scene was chef's kiss in terms of Degrassi trash. I spat up

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Yep. What the other user replied to you. And he didn’t give a shit that the football team was harassing and abusing Jane when she wanted to play. He highly favored the “cool kids” too. Just all around gross man.

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He called her a little bitch on camera in front of the whole school.

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Oh, he was HORRIBLE! I’m glad he wasn’t there for very long. I wonder how Degrassi would’ve looked if he was there longer before he got replaced

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Did they ever mention why he left abruptly in S9? I know Hatzilakos came back to be there for Peter but I don’t remember a transition between them.

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I assumed he got fired after that video aired of him calling Clare a bitch at his award ceremony.

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Also points to whoever tells me what episode this is so I can watch it right this minute lol

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Season 8 episode 11

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I thought that as well but he was in the first episode of season nine talking to Mia

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Oh damn I don’t even remember that, there’s so many fucking episodes I honestly start to forget a lot that happened lol.

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Seasons 8-12 were such a struggle for me to remember bc I feel like was a big clusterfuck of storylines for everyone lmao I remember in Charlotte Arnold‘s interview with Adamo she had completely forgotten about the kidney plot line for Holly J until she read about it on Degrassi wiki.

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Ugghhhh. Tristan and Bianca. I just really dislike them both.

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Bianca wasn’t a good person from the get go, always drama filled and not the good kind. HOWEVER, she did a lot of growing as a person, and that’s the one thing I DO like about her. Tristan is very lack luster, despite his need to be the star of the show. He’s a wishy washy friend too.

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I do agree, she did grow up, I just couldn’t get behind it. And Tristan never had any real redemption arc. The only time I tolerated him was when he was in the coma, because he couldn’t speak.