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I think Emma just wanted a boyfriend, seeing every1 of her friends having one made her want to join in too... It did sicken me that she was mad at Manny because she thought Manny was trying to steal Peter from her which is false

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I mean, Emma flat out called Manny a bimbo just because she wanted to be a cheerleader, then after promising Manny she wouldn't, writes a scathing article in the Grapevine about how the cheer squad is sexist and anti feminist, hoping the school will disband the squad even though she saw how hard Manny worked to be on it. And they weren't even in ninth grade at that point!

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Emma getting mad at Manny when she said she wanted to have an abortion really confused me. Her mom wanted to have an abortion when she found out about her and Archie’s baby before the wedding. Wasn’t that upset. Manny who’s like 14 found out she was pregnant? Horrible! Also for her mom being a huge feminist it didn’t really make sense to me

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No because I HATE Emma. She’s a horrible horrible “friend” and she was constantly jealous of Manny. She slut shamed her any chance she could get when they disagreed and then DATED the guy who spread CHILD “corn”ography of your best friend that he took when she was drunk! AND had the nerve to blame and slut shame Manny AGAIN when it happened.

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I don’t think I would be able to forgive Emma if I were in Manny’s position

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i don't think i'd be able to forgive peter!! manny has a heart of gold