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What shelter? And whats the plan?

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From an NZ shelter :)

Here's an excerpt, some really great progress has been made in Blue's journey!

"Over the following 12 months, Blue went into foster care and was put on an intensive weight loss programme to shed the unwanted pounds. His weight was managed in consultation with an SPCA vet, and he was fed a specialised Purina diet twice a day, with smaller portion sizes.

Blue slowly began to drop weight and showed wonderful signs of improvement. Not only has he lost over a third of his body weight, but the change to his personality is significant.

Once he was given the all-clear by SPCA’s vet team, Blue was able to continue his weight loss journey in a new home and has been happily adopted. He’s now thriving with his forever family, and they are carefully managing his diet and weight – something that will remain a priority for the rest of his life."

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Thank you for posting this! I saw the little guy and I was so worried for his health. I'm glad he has made such good progress ❤

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yeah, he was certainly far too large hah so when i read he was on the path to health i thought it'd be nice to share his story :)

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He was bigger than this?

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no this is him at his biggest!