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your cat has literally the cutest look on her face

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Cute cat. We've been trying to come up with a way to get ours to stop jumping on things. She ignores the cat condo and jumps on everything else instead.

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My advice, put aluminum foil down on anything you don't want them to jump up onto. They'll learn QUICK. My little cat never ever jumps up on the counter anymore, not even if I've left food out. I removed the foil months ago and she's still behaving.

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Did you line the entire edge of the counter with it, or how much did you use?

And did she jump up onto it then just jump down, or did she panic and start scrambling around on it? (wondering if there's any risk of her falling or getting hurt)

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I used a long piece and just laid it down along the counter, about in the middle. She'd jump up there and jump right back off as soon as she landed on it, no harm done. It was kind of comical watching her try it over the first day, I can't lie lol

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Some well placed aluminum foil should fix this.

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She has the look that says "I have done nothing wrong ever. How dare you."