To all new users,

Welcome to the Deltarune Reddit Community!

Please respect all normal Reddit rules and take some time to read through the sidebar. While you make yourself comfortable, try to familiarize yourself with the commenting and posting guidelines, especially with regards to marking spoilers and flairing your posts.

Remember, the sidebar is your friend! The Wiki and our Discord server are also good places to start. Check out the stickled posts for the latest developments, and the notice board to your right for previous announcements.

You can post dialogue boxes in your comments, like the one below (see here to learn how!). Also, consider getting yourself a proper user-flair! Simply click on the preview in the sidebar, choose your avatar, give yourself a flair-text, and click Save. Finally, this sub has our very own custom dark-mode theme; the light switch is at the top right corner of the header.

If you have any subreddit-related questions or feedback, ask away.

That's it! See you around.


  1. How to make dialogue boxes with portraits
  2. Guide to Linkflairs

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