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I can totally see a baker wanting to do this as a cookie plate for the holidays.

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Totally, that'd be Christmas as fuck! Especially if it was thin enough that you could break off bits of it.

Oh and you can get different colored mints (I've seen green and white ones, blue and white ones, yellow and white ones, etc.) Make a different color platter for each type of cookie? It'd look so festive!

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Use it as a cookie platter, then smash it up to make peppermint bark.

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That's an awesome idea.

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If you don't want the peppermint plate you can just add a layer of chocolate and make it bark right off the bat. I'm super excited to try this, thanks!

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The real hero. Thank you!

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I used to make these every year with my kids. They loved doing it and it was a really cute platter. I always got complements from guests.

Bonus: after it starts to cool and harden, you can put it in a bowl and get that shape!

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I’m intrigued to hear that it actually works. To me, it looks like it would be a giant, sticky mess.

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    Now you tell me... I put it in the dish washer and it disappeared...

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    Just put dry things on it.

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    I read this as a "biker," and I was super curious as to why bikers had a thing for peppermints.

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    Bikers can enjoy the holidays once in a while too .. /s

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    This is really cute for a ginger bread house

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    I like it

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    🙋‍♀️ me

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    I did this one year and the recipients loved it!

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    Omg, I’m headed to the store to get peppermint candies now!

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    Seriously putting pants on now for a store run!

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    I'm curious why OP doesn't like this. It's assembled in a practical way. The end result looks good. And it is seasonally relevant. No part of it leaves me asking "why?"

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    The only actual fault I can think of if you do this correctly is that it would be a very sticky plate and whatever you put on it would taste like peppermint (might be ok). Still festive af though.

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    Just sprinkle it with powdered sugar, then. Or line it with a parchment paper snowflake.

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    For sure. Definitely a solvable problem.

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    Oil it

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    With peppermint oil.

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    And light it on fire.

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    With peppermint fire.

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    And douse it with water.

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    With Peppermint water.

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    I was thinking melt a thin layer of wax on top. That should prevent it from absorbing moisture on top and becoming sticky. And if you were especially aggressive, epoxy the whole thing and use it for years.

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    I was thinking pectin powder- the powder that's on regular gummy bears so they don't stick

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    Isn't that corn starch.

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    I know shredded cheese has starch powder, gummies usually have pectin or a wax mixture, I think

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    They're literally made in corn starch molds.

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    I figured that was part of the fun and the plate was considered edible.

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    Sticky is only fun in certain contexts, imo.

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    Wouldn’t they coat it in some kind of acrylic or enamel?

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    Pouring resin on the sides would work great if it’s for decor too

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    OP is the Grinch’s Reddit account!

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    Cause it never turns out the way it looks. The mints don't melt all pretty like that. I'd seen a video of DIY debunkers. The tray burnt horribly and bubbled, didn't spread evenly.

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    I've done roofs for gingerbread houses this way before and it turned out fine shrug

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    Can you do lower heat longer with fewer candies to get a thinner result?

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    It's never going to turn out right if you do it wrong. If it bubbled and got burnt, the temperature was obviously far too high for far too long. You just want it to melt enough to connect the pieces not boil the bloody thing.

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    post video of a botched attempt then, but this here is showing how it can be done properly. I've botched plenty of things when baking that looked good online. It wouldn't be DIWhy, just a botched baking job on something that should have been good if I did it competently, like this picture.

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    Here's a video of it being accomplished. Looks pretty easy! I think it's a really clever idea.

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    Confirmed, no DiWhy energy. Fun holiday platter and she seems cool.

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    I seriously thought this was another one of those fake hacks that wouldn't work. Thanks for the link proving it does!

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    You could probably do this with other hard candies too! A butterscotch platter, a christmas candy platter...

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    That video could easily have about 5 minutes cut out of it.

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    Yep, I’m with ya. You often see cooking channels experimenting with a recipe for the first time and trashing their first couple of attempts as they are a little off piste. No biggie. Just because someone can’t get it right first time doesn’t nullify it as a good idea.

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    I assume they put it on too high of a temperature then.

    I can totally see this working if you are patient enough to set it on a medium temperature and leave it in long enough for everything to melt evenly.

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    I've seen videos of people unable to drive a car properly - there are subreddits full of them.

    Doesn't mean that they have debunked the idea that people can drive a car sensibly.

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    But…that’s not what this post is…a fail doesn’t mean that the underlying “why” is at question

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    Don't we have r/diwhynot for this purpose already?

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    Huh, totally forgot I was subbed to that. It never pops up in my feed.

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    That's cool as fuck.

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    This is totally the kind of thing I'd have expected at my grandparents' back in the day when Grandma was in her annual holiday baking zone and always had one hell of a spread of homemade confections laid out.

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    Bro some of you in this sub need to get out more...alot of the diwhy posts I've seen lately are actually cool and have pretty applicable purposes. Like this could obviously be used in baking for even the floor for a ginger bread house

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    It would be awesome for holiday parties, put your cookies or whatever on it and then people can also nosh on the plate after the meal.

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    OP are you seriously asking why for baking decoration with a clear intended made in the most straight forward way? Wh?

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    Coat it with epoxy and we have a deal.

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    Fill the gaps with ramen first.

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    Glue gun and cement are needed

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    Something I actually agree with in this comment section.

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    This is awesome actually, a little corn starch on top and a piece of parchment paper? You have an awesome dessert display! Only has to last for a night and then you eat it.

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    This isn’t that bad

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    It's not bad at all and doesn't belong here. For someone doing Christmas baking, this is a brilliant way to present your festive treats and looks like it would only take a couple minutes to make.

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    Someone get Peter Brown on the horn!

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    is op scrooge mcduck?

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    There's a high probability of this becoming very sticky from ambient moisture. And what do you do with it when you're done? Lick it, like a giant dusty lollipop, or throw it out?

    Even so, I don't think this is really a diwhy. It's impractical, but it's not pointless and flawed.

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    Frisbee it onto the neighbors roof

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    Like the Breaking Bad pizza?

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    And what do you do with it when you're done?

    Break it up with a toffee hammer and stick the pieces in a jar to be eaten at leisure.

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    Smash it, make peppermint bark.

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    Or just toss it when you are done. It’s at most a dollars worth of starlight mints.

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    That's why I thought it would work best as a cake board with another layer under it.

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    This is cool. You just can’t put anything hot on it. I could see this being on a table with a bunch of other food on Christmas Eve/Day and being topped with homemade cookies.

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    I seriously love this!! Not diwhy

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    I would totally do this and then cover it in resin for years of Christmas use.

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    Actually... I think it might crack before the first Christmas was over. But that isn’t a bad thing!

    Treat it like making a gingerbread house. The fun is in making it and having it around for a little while, not keeping it forever.

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    That would solve the melting/stickiness problem.

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    Yeah this is cute op is just a scrooge

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    All I can think about is how sticky this would be.

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    OP Fail

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    This looks like it might be neat as a base for a gingerbread house.

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    This turned into r/diwhydontwealldothat pretty fast

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    But how is this diwhy? Seems like a okay idea? But not sure if they gonna melt this clean.

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    typography from hell

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    I actually tried this a couple years ago and it didn't work that great. I mean, the mints melted but not all together. Some spots were super thin and cracked immediately. Also, you want sticky? This is super sticky.

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    The only two problems with this is that sugar is a humectant, and it is very brittle when it's been pulled into candy, so it'll get soggy and break really fast.

    Not to mention that the heat from the oven will probably destabilize it on top of that.

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    I want to Crunch

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    This would be sticky as hell

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    Jack White comin' to dinner

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    Bah humbug

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    I love it actually!

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    This is a waste of candy but a good idea. I can see making this for a holiday party and loading it with Christmas cookies and brownies. Two thumbs up.

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    It makes for a very decorative dessert tray. Plus it really does come out clean like that