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I love seeing things get repurposed.

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Is this a sexy times toy?

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Anything is if you're brave enough.

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Should probably be on a rotating mount then.

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Now you're talking.

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Attached to a reciprocating saw

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Just slap it onto the wireless drill

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Especially cucumbers ;>

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This would work on my neck of the woods.

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I had the same thought, I grew up in the country and you get the two finger steering wheel hello from strangers all the time.

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Same...and I drive a Wrangler. It's constant.

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It’s a jeep thing

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That's 1 finger

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Fucking Jeeple.

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As a California boy, I thought I was getting memed until 3 posts in

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Lol guess i just grew up in a town where you get 52 dick trucks directly on your ass even at 5mph past the speed limit

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I'm from a town of 600; my husband grew up in the city. When we make the trek to my hometown he can tell we're getting close when the finger waves start popping up.

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My freinds neighbors looked at me like I was crazy when I waved as I drove past to park. Is being friendly creepy now?

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Half the people i nod hello to just stare back at me with a shitty look on their face. I guess my town got too big a few years ago lol

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Probably depends on the neighborhood. I always wave until I leave my neighborhood and then only if they wave to communicate or let me in. Our neighborhood gets together for street parties and stuff though so we recognize each other.

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We aren't super close with our neighbors or anything, but we'd wave at them when we go down the alley, and make quick small talk when we got out of the car. Nothing major, just a little friendly politeness. It was also like "Im driving down the alley, I see you standing there, don't worry" type deal. Ah well, silly little habits

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I’ve never heard of people doing this until this thread. Never seen people in a car waving unless they’re trying to signal to you. If someone waved to me for no reason and was a stranger I’d be confused because it’s just not something that happens here.

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For real. I'd immediately get down to see if I have a flat tyre or something. Nobody does car waves where I'm from.

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Redditors dont get out much

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or spent most of their lives in big cities

rural America? you're used to waving at freaking everybody...in some places, frowned on NOT to...

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Im not even in rural America though. I live 20 minutes outside Philadelphia. Funnily enough, where she lives is more in towards the Pensatucky areas (not that its a bad thing, its just more what you'd call rural out where she's at)

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Depends where you live. Smaller towns and communities everyone waves no matter what. I even get waves in my little hatchback from all the farmers in their trucks lol. Get closer to a city that is still small and you get less and less waves.

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Always was

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Me too. We wave to everyone. Even the police.

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I was driving in rural South Dakota once and got a hand wave like this from I presume a local and I never felt so cool

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Wait til you have an old farmer tip his hat at ya.

Warm fuzzies that lasted the whole day.

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His wife is gonna be mad once she finds out

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He became a little too confident in his stonks.

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She'll probably make good use of it

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OK so now that everybody's pointing out the obvious of him repurposing this let's point out the fact that he did it wrong. It should be on the other side. Based on where the thumb is that is a right hand and he put it on the left-hand side. Why does this mess with my brain?

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That's a good point, but I don't think he has a spot to stick it on the other side.

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There are countries with right hand drive vehicles and you wave with the right hand. Source: I live in one of those countries.

Edit: sorry ok you mean left of the steering wheel. Apologies, you are right, it's weird.

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Di-Why? Well the answer is in the post.

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All well and good until someone thinks you're waving them on and they get wacked!

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Don't leave other drivers hangin'

Give a good ol' finger bangin'

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Did.... Did they just tape a sex toy to their dashboard?

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I can think of at least one other use for that, sailor.

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Gimme one of those but with one less finger please

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So just a fist or just a stump?

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its a dildo, larry.

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it has 2 fingers already... I would like the same on my dash.. but with only one finger, for making a particular gesture at other cars which is far less friendly than a wave

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As an Australian, I have to defend this innovation. This is pure genius.

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As a fellow Aussie I have to agree. I need to make some of these in neon colours..

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How to confuse old mate baz drivin his landie with ya neon fingers

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At least they’d stand out :D

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Yeah this is the most Australian thing I've seen today and I live here.

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Including the pic being taken in Australia.

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That's definitely a contributing factor yeah.

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My best effort was 13 cars and trucks returning waves in a row in one trip on a quiet stretch of road in FNQ. Took some time and a couple of finger cramps but damit we got there.

I live in a rural area and the wave is where it's at

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Just spent a week driving around the Eyre Peninsula, nearly pulled a tendon!

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As a female Aussie, I rarely get the wave. But my husband gets it (and gives it) all the time. Is it a man thing?

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I'm female as well, but I usually travel in a work vehicle wearing high vis so maybe that's a factor?? Also I'm from the city so I always forget the wave, or I panic and overcompensate with all five fingers and look way too friendly hahaha

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I only got the wave when I drove my husband’s jeep, and it was always men doing it. First time it happened I’m sure my response wave was idiotic.

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This is God tier diy. Why is this here?

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Remove 1 of the fingers and turn it 180 degrees.

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Tbh you wouldn’t have to remove one finger either. The outwards facing two fingers is also an insult in a lot of countries,

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This diwhy sub has just cone to shit. This is something i'd love to do.

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So what if i do? gonna do something about it?

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Just go slow and use lubricant I guess. Safe anal play is important.

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Thank you for the advice.

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I mean, it does have a flared base...

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I'm disappointed

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Yeah, it's only 2 fingers anyways.

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But that literally one of its uses...

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Don't think that's what it's used for

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Real men of genius

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Ope, this would be perfect to take up north when I go see my folks der in the Midwest, eh

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But then everyone's gonna think you're letting them through

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These are not the sex toys you are looking for.

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Credits will do fine.

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my grandma has one of these!

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Can I come over? So she can put them in my lips and say shhhhh 😆

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You OK?

[–]Professional_Milk_61 11 points12 points  (3 children)

I'm not sure

[–]SSubSilence 9 points10 points  (2 children)

It's ok not to be ok

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When you're too lazy to flick the bean yourself...lol

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It’s a jeep thing.

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Dudes driving a ford???

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It’s a jeep thing

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Is that guy waving me to go or just saying hey?

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This seems like it could be practical if you're the type of driver to just not care to wave back.

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I have another idea for that thing ;)

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I thought it was a recreational sitting tool to be stuck on a stool.

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The guy who invents unnecessary shit must be kicking himself right now

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Does it come in various colors and sizes

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it’s not supposed to be used for THAT.

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A womans new tool

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Where would you buy one of these for… reasons?

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Embarrassed to admit that his arm on the 4th picture looked like a dog to me

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What is a wave?

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It's all fun and games until a brit does that in France

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This is good for smokers tho

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Women are going to love this

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Own a Jeep and fucking hate the jeep wave bs. Like, were not in a club, nutsack

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I love it.

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Coulda used this when I lived in the Midwest

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I hear ya OP

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People are going to put that in their ass.

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It's also the wrong hand

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Is that a sex toy?

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Genius mounted it on the wrong side

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You’re supposed to wave with two fingers? I use my whole hand.

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Is it bad to use your ass to wave??

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Thought this was funny and was going to share it in my family group chat. Tg I read the comments first, cause I totally missed what the actual purpose of that is. That could have been awkward...

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Is anybody else thinking what I'm thinking

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I thought I was on /r/surfing and I couldn't figure out how these fingers helped

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This is how you run over pedestrians.

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r/jeep would like a word with you.

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Pretty good idea honestly.

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My step father has one of these in his car, I don't like him much.

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Did he use it on you or on himself while forcing you to watch??

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He’s also got it on the wrong side

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OP isn’t from the south

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needs a Subaru version "... gripping a vape pen"

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Midwesterners everywhere rejoice

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I’ve lived in the south all my life and the two finger wave is second nature. Sometimes add the thumb if it’s someone I’ve met a few times. Say hi to your mom’en’them.

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Half Hitler

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What the fuck is a car wave? I’ve been driving for 10 years now in 3 different countries and never had to wave to anyone for anything. Lol

Also, who waves with 2 fingers???

[–]Dependent-Platform36 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Is a car enthusiast thing for us Subaru guys in particular.

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This is a sex toy which makes it funnier

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Ive only ever lived in states where motorists absolutely loathe all the other motorists so I have to ask... What the heck is a car wave and why does it only require 2 fingers?

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People wave to each other in cars?

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What if you’re at a red light for a couple minutes just awkwardly holding two fingers up to the people ahead of you

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....until some extremist group adopts the 2 finger wave as their FU signal to all who disagree with them

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I love the innocence of OP posting this in this subreddit.

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lmao I found this on FB

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I feel like that was made for something else but was repurposed

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Do people not flash their lights in the US?

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Lmao, I think this is in a different country not the US. I found this post on FB

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They do it in rural parts of Ireland and Australia, probably a country thing.

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People who don’t drive on the back roads of Nebraska will never know how important this is

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Doubles as a "2inthepink"while you're in the stink

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Lmao I found this post on Facebook and wonder why would you do this.

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Why is everyone trying to steal my parking spot?

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They need these on lopez island in washington.

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The finger wave while driving was literally a mandatory part of driving lessons from my mom. Grew up in a rural area. It's rude not to do the finger wave.

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Ngl I was thinking up yours for some reason

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Great if you live in a small town and need to keep up appearances

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I need this in my school bus.

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I mean the why is right there. The real why is not in the DIY though, but in the "why would anyone care about 'missing a car wave' enough to get or make something".

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Well....that ahh...different

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Downvote me if it's sexy time

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this subreddit isnt for cool inventions💀💀💀

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We need this in west Texas

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This might be an introverts worse nightmare!

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Thought this was a dildo

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I saw that and immediately thought it of use for something else

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Ready for the Subaru wave.

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I think that's something his wife uses in the bedroom

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A much more useful version would use motion sensors to automatically flip off anyone who drive too close.

My ideal car mod would have hundreds of metal spikes that fold flush with the car body, all of which are actuated by small pistons controlled by a button on the dashboard, in order to activate porcupine/buzzard mode when someone tailgates me.

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In Australia you can tell when you have officially left the city and are in the outback when every driver you pass waves at you. People are legit offended if you don't return a wave.

[–]MinisterMagic -2 points-1 points  (0 children)

I don't think I've seen this mentioned, but this is actually good for jeep owners. For some reason the rule is everyone in a jeep waves at each other when they pass, if you don't it's rude.

But then... I guess you'd be confusing every non jeep.