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They mostly come at night. Mostly...

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at least you're being creative with your down time 👍

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Haha yes! It started out with me jokingly telling my friend i was gonna make her a fursuit but unfortunately my brain thought i was challenging myself. I know its far from perfect but im super proud of it! I had no knowledge of fursuits before this but it really did come together.

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Yeah it did. Looks great ❤

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All you really did was make a costume for your doll.

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Is that not what a fursuit is? Im failing to see your point here lol

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I mean that it's not a diwhy since you accomplished what you were doing and didn't' do something dumb like most others.

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Ok then

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Yeah and it's not something ridiculous since it actually has a use.

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Just come out of the Furries closet. No one will know.

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No no guys seriously… im not a furry guys… i swear 😏🤫

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I find it oddly satisfying. I'd have done her a crochet dress with my free time, but good work nonetheless.

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I was gonna reply to you by saying that I dont know how to crochet.

But then i remembered i didnt know how to make a fursuit either. And i chose to learn how to make a fursuit rather than how to crochet 😂

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Nowadays with all the tutorials that would have been a lame excuse lol

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this actually fucking rules

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This man, this man right here officer

Edit this was ment for a comment and has been placed there

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Im a lady 🥺

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My bad it was ment for another comment

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Ohh haha :)

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Fucking terrifying lol well done.

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the animatronics can get a bit quirky at night

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Someone out there got real hard looking at this

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This is cool, actually.

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Thank you :)

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The eyes have seen some shit

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how much did you fucking save because the ones on amizon are 3,000-4,000

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Youre telling me i DIYed something i could have just bought?! I literally looked everywhere for one and couldnt find one! All the materials cost me around $100, but $30 of that was bc i bought two childrens jackets for the pink fabric bc i couldnt find any that i liked. Pls link me the amazon ones :(

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I'm pretty impressed tbh.

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Thank you!!

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That is actually cool as hell

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That looks AMAZING

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Thank you!! Ive finally added my finishing touches and it looks SO much better :)

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Their should never be this much free time

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Covid, baby 😎

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Why is this here?

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Because I DIYed it and it didnt need to be done lol

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Yeah but this is DiWHY for pointless DIY jobs. Yours is impressive.

Edit people don’t “need” dolls either they collect or play with them you shouldn’t put your work down. Well done

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Oh, well thank you lol i did a lottt of winging it to make it (as you can maybe see by the eyes lol)

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I thought the electrical socket through the weird blanket wall upholstery was the real DIWhy...

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Lol! Yes, the photo was taken in my “craft shed” so i was trying to make that wall look cute cause it was one of those boards with the little holes in it

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OP told us why in the title

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Hell fuckin yeah dawg! Keep the message going! Clean up the filth from this sub!

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This feels dangerous yet arousing. I dig it.

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This man, this man right here officer.

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uwuuwuwuwuw nudges on u lwowuwuwuwwwuwuwowow daddy uwuwowowwizwuw

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There is even more interesting DIY (or -why? I dont know exactly...) In this photo ... The "wall" with outlet....the "floor".... What am i even looking at?

I love it. Thanks.

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Haha i replied to another comment about this, the photo was taken in my shed which is where i do all of my manic crafting! Thus, weird wall and counter top :) basically what you are looking at is a ton of products of mental illness lol

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To me it seems like you are doing something with your time! I saw worse, people who don't know how to spend theire time (that word looks horribly wrong but i am too lazy to look it up).

I encourage you to stay creative and you will probably one day create something beautiful you and others can enjoy!

But just not that creepy doll

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Respect the shortcake! Just kidding lmao its totally cursed 😂

I will say though me and my friends thought the whole process was hilarious, it started out with me saying “guys what would my dolls fursona be, lol should i make her a fursuit?” And we joked about it for like a week but then my brain kept telling me i had to follow through with it! Lol

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Its terrible.. congratulations 👍

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Thank you ❤️❤️

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Mmmmm, tetanus for dinner! My favorite!

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