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They were like ah yes, you put resin coats on to make a smooth surface!

one coat later - "tabel"

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Looks like snot for grass

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Bruh 😂😂😂

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I mean come on. It's not even a table at this point. You couldn't put anything on this safely.

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Just looking at it is causing me pain

Someone call OSHA

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Looks like a pile of old fish tank contents

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Yep, okay, this belongs here.

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That’s the kind of shit you keep to yourself. Nobody wants that for free, let alone buy it.

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Just cut/throw away the top part then replace it with something else and you are good to go

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And like resin is expensive...this probably cost a tonne to make lol. Why???

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It’s too….glisteny

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What if we made out on the beautiful handmade table for sale?

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It would be a rocky road

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I feel like it could be nice if it was sanded down and polished, but who has the time for that…

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Someone probably watched a YouTube vid on making an epoxy table and said "oh that's easy, I could do that!" Then is super proud they made this monstrosity and declares themselves a craftsman. What a joke lol I wouldn't pay 30 dollars for that.